INFORMATION Regarding the Digital Gasque

We have had some people write to us regarding the digital gasque.


Here is some information about the Digital Gasque:


  • We have sent out ALL the letters. If you have not received your letter do not fret. The contents were a pamphlet and a SSE-pin.
  • The pamphlet will be sent out together with the zoom-link to the event. This is sent out via the email you filled in during the survey.
  • Regarding the SSE-pin we ask you to wait until at least wednesday next week to see if your letter has not yet arrived.
  • If it does not arrive then one can pick one up from the SASSE Reception during the remainder of the spring (So no pressure on coming in to school if you do not want to) do n
  • Regarding the UBER Eats vouchers we utilized the send out function that UBER offers. Therefore all the emails that we received from the survey should have received an email from UBER (Not SASSE) with a link to activate your voucher for 150 SEK (This was executed yesterday, Thursday 14/1-2021). The code is activated from 12:00 this friday.





Best regards,


The SASSE Board


Legal Advisor

CRM Partners