Information about the new website – Part 4

Committees and projects


The Student Union is made up by nothing more than its members. And how do members do what they do? They do their work in committess and projects! Therefore the new website obviously has a section for these.




Committees are, well obviously, the Student Unions committees with the addition of The Presidium and The SASSE Council.


The Committee pages are quite straight forward. Here you find information about the committess as well as its events, news, contanct information and related files.


The Presidium is for general news and the like promoted by the Student Union Board as a whole wheras The SASSE Council is for, well the SASSE Council.




Under Projects you find all projects and societies within SASSE. Here you can find projects that are under certain committees such as El Club (Intu) or Debate Society (SU). You also find projects which are not under specific committees but instead operate directly under the Student Council, such as Handelsdagarna or Friedman’s Apostles.


Projects have the same functions as committees and events and similar can be hosted by a project, just like a committee.


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