Fall Council Meetings

On September 25th, October 30th and November 6th, we had our monthly Council meetings. Please see below for the major decisions taken at our meetings!


September Council Meeting


1. The Council approved the definitive budget of Handelsdagarna 2020</strong>; The initial executive motion was ammended by a string of subsirary motions to specific accounts within the budget.   


2. The Council approved the investment in CO2 canons with installment in the Rotunda


3. The Council approved the revision of SASSE statues regarding elected positions (second reading), and the SASSE Election Regulations


The Council also welcomed its newly elected Chair and Board of Directors!


October Council Meeting


1.  The Council rejected the revision of the Election Regulation Disciplinary Measures and approved a subsidiary motion ammeding the inital executive motion.


2. The Council approved the revision of the SASSE Post Descriptions


3. The Council approved the project of Friedmans Apostlar’s 30-year Banquet


4. The Council approved the revision of the Financial Regulations, the Frequently Used Accounts


October Second Council Meeting


1. The Council approved the SASSE Board’s proposal of the Board Trip 2020. The Council decided that the SASSE Board 19/20 is to travel to New York and Boston, US, with the purpose of understanding the role that SASSE has to play in the school’s FREE-mission. The trip is of strategic importance of SASSE as it aims to guide the association’s development in relations to SSE’s.


The trip will result in insight towards how liberal arts education can be beneficial for students in for different career paths. The SASSE Board 19/20 is to explore how SASSE can contribute with value-adding experiences to improve this change and the association’s value towards students, and to gain insight into the education and what SSE’s future might look like is a proactive measure to prepare for SASSE’s future.



Please find the Council meeting agenda, minutes and upcoming dates on the Council page.


If you have any further questions about our work or want to have more details about our decisions you are happy to reach out to the Board of Directors at bod@sasse.se




Tony Liang, Director of Education


Legal Advisor

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