Enok of April


It has gone almost four years since Max Håkan took his first step in the kåridor, and ever since has his dedication towards SASSE been remarkable. Max started off his engagement in SASSE by being part of the project group for the arrangement of the banquet at Handelsdagarna. Shortly, engagements such as Head of BSc Introduction (Storpappa) and Head of Marketing of the Student Farce would follow. However, Max’s most distingushied contribution to the students at SSE is without a doubt the year he spent as President of SASSE (15/16), where he spent endless hours serving the students at SSE. After his year as President, Max decided to run for the Board of Directors and played a crucial part in the restructuring of the Student Council.



Max has unselfishly given his full dedication to make sure that the students’ voices are heard and that the common interest among SASSE members are utilized. His four years of engagement are now coming to an end and therefore we cannot miss the opportunity to grant Max the honor of being the Enok of April.



Thank you Max, you are and will always be appreciated for all your contributions!



Legal Advisor

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