Apply to be a nightie for SNNC 2019

Note that this is not a SASSE project.


The very last recruitment of this years’ Students Nobel NightCap is up and running. Apply now to become a Nightie and make this NightCap one of the finest.


Students’ Nobel NightCap was created by students to celebrate the Nobel laureates and takes place after the Nobel Banquet. It is a magical occasion with a different spectacular (and secret!) theme every year according to which the festivities are planned and the premises are built. Although the dress code is formal, the event provides a relaxed atmosphere where students, Nobel laureates, academics and politicians among others can mingle and enjoy themselves.


As a Nightie you join a specific team starting in November with teambuilding and getting the proper education in order to succeed during the night. You will work during construction week, the night of the party and deconstruction days. Every Nightie needs to work 5 shifts x 4 hours during construction week, all night the 10th of december and 2 shifts x 4 hours during deconstruction.





The different teams


Backstage and Entertainment (13 positions)


Want to see what really happens behind the curtains? Become a Backstage Nightie where you help entertainers find their way through the party, making sure the lounge is stocked with refreshments to last the whole night long. You can also join the Entertainment Team where you help out with fun performances during the night.




Food and Beverages (143 positions)


Do you have an interest in food or beverages? Do you like to work in a fast paced team? We are looking for a variety of positions, bartenders, food-handlers, barbacks and dishcrew. If you want to be a part of SNNC19 and making the best afterparty in the world come true, apply for the Food and Beverage Team!




Enterance (9 positions)


Do you want to set the standard on the big night? In this position you will be providing the initial contact with our guests by letting them into the event and ensuring a seamless flow of the guests lining up outside.


Photography (9 positions) & Videography (1 position)


Do you want to immortalize one of the most exclusive events of the year? No one else will be allowed to take pictures on the premisses so this is your chance to shine with your creative photo





Safety (27 positions)


There are a variety of positions as a Safety Nighite. Our goal of the night is keeping up good security work throughout the party. We are alert and ready if needed, partly by keeping escape routes open and having eyes and ears everywhere. Fireguards will undergo fire education in November.




Corporate Banquet (6 positions)


In addition to the party on December 10th, there is a parallel networking banquet hosted by us for the corporate partners of SNNC. In this team you will help decorating the premises and serving our amazing sponsors on a banquet they will never forget.




Construction, Sound & Light (14 positions)


Are you handy and a problem solver? Then join the team and support us with construction or electrical work during the evening! In order tocreate the perfect setting for the magical evening we also need Sound and Light Nighties that makes sure that all sound and light systems work throughout the night.




Wardrobe (23 positions)


Our objective is to be an integral part in providing our guests with a seamless experience, and being the face of Students’ Nobel NightCap. The tasks will be varied and depend on skills and personal motivation, but will in all cases involve a lot of interaction with our dignified guests.




Logistics (19 positions)


We invite you to apply for our info-desk: center of the construction week. Help equip and coordinate and the construction work by managing tool inventory and task assignment. We also need transportation Nighties where a drivers licence is a must.




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