New initiatives

Initiative Fund 

Have a great idea and want to get involved with SASSE? Apply to the Initiative Fund and bring your vision to life!

What is the Initiative Fund?
The Initiative Fund provides financial aid to support new projects within the Student Association, fostering the innovative spirit of our members.

Why the Bureaucracy?
To manage our limited budget effectively, we have a formal process for funding new initiatives. However, we aim to keep it as simple as possible, with the SASSE Board offering assistance throughout.

How to Apply:

  1. Email your idea to Include whether you want to be involved and how you plan to realize your idea if so.
  2. Get assistance from a SASSE Board member to create a budget and complete a two-page motion detailing your idea, project plan, and budget.
  3. Present your idea at the next SASSE Board meeting and answer any questions.
  4. Approval Process: Depending on the scale, the SASSE Board or Council will approve your motion.
  5. Start your initiative and enhance SASSE!

Get started now and bring your SASSE-ideas to life!

Previous initiatives

PingU is a great example of how the intiative fund has been utilized before. Markus, Vilmer, William and William thought that some table tennis (“pingis”) would be a great way to get time to pass while heating your food and get your mind of studies in the breaks so they started PingU. It has been greatly appreciate by many students and are still alive to this day.

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