What is the LF Scholarship

The Lars Fredricsson Foundation gives young, ambitious entrepreneurs and craftsmen in Sweden the chance to develop their business ideas in the construction and architecture sector, but even in other sectors. Through the scholarship, financial support of SEK 30,000 is given to each selected scholarship holder for further education and development of entrepreneurship. In total, the foundation annually distributes around SEK 200,000 to several promising talents.

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Who can apply?

A scholarship can be applied for if you are a prospective entrepreneur, for example an entrepreneur, architect, carpenter, carpenter, painter, craftsman or the like who needs further education and support to start your own business.

When is the application period?

Period 1: 1 April – 31 May
Period 2: 1 August – 31 October

Why should you apply?

Bring your business ideas to life! The LF Scholarship is perfect for you who needs funding for further education and support to start you own business.

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