The SASSE Treasury

The Treasury is helping the Treasurer with everything from external invoicing, bookkeeping and answering questions from the members. It consists of the financial administrator and receptionist Karen and the Vice Treasurer, together this team is ensuring that all projects and committees can operate smoothly.

Vice Treasurer

Mainly handles the external invoicing and assisting in the operations of the Treasurer where it is needed.

Finance administrator and Receptionist

The SASSE finance administrator and receptionist is assisting in the ongoing bookkeeping along with the Treasure and is the first point of contact for all membership related questions, and has deep knowledge of the Student Association being able to answer most of your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the Treasurer?

    Most of the time they will be found in Expen down in the Kårridor in the Treasurer’s Office.

  • Where do I hand in receipts?

    You can find a template where you fill in all necessary information needed to make the reimbursement. After you staple one receipt to the template, you put it in the postbox outside the treasury office. If you have any questions feel free to ask in Expen.

  • Where can I buy SASSE Membership and pay the Sports Fee?

    You can either buy it on the SASSE website or you can purchase it at the front desk in Expen. All membership related questions can be sent to

  • Where can I buy SASSE whitelines?

    The Whitelines can be found Expen and can be bought during opening hours (09:00-16:00, closed for lunch 13:00-14:00)

  • Does SASSE have a VAT-number (momsregistreringsnummer)?

    No, SASSE is a non-profit organization (ideell förening) which means that we do not deduct VAT. This means that you always have to ask to have all prices including VAT (inklusive moms). Otherwise this is added when the final invoices are sent to the total price.

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