The SASSE Council

The SASSE Council is the highest decision-making body of the Student Association unless otherwise stated in the statutes. The SASSE Council has the overall responsibility for the Election Committee, the Equality Representative, the Sustainability Representative, and the Internal Auditors. The SASSE Council meets at least ten times per operating year.

Ordinary Council Member: An ordinary council member serves on the council within the capacity described above.

You can contact an ordinary council member through the email @Member of the Council – SASSE

The SASSE Council has four overall areas of responsibility: Finance, Governance, Education, and Member Engagement. The SASSE Council is made up of thirteen members, five of which constitute the Board of Directors, whereof one is the Chair of the Council. The eight Ordinary Members of the council only have the duties presented directly below, while the five Board of Directors have further duties that are presented further down


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a separate subdivision within the SASSE Council. While they function in a similar capacity to ordinary members that make up the rest of the council, they also have additional responsibilities. The primary of which is to help lead the rest of the council is all of its responsibilities, including the creation of working groups, ensuring rules are followed, and initiating discussions. The individual roles in the Board of Directors are stated below.

Chairman: The Chairman is chiefly responsible for the overall performance of the council. Servings as the head of the SASSE Council, the Chairman prepares the agenda for and leads our meetings.

Director of Governance: As Director of Governance, special responsibility is placed in strategic matters involving how the governing bodies of the association interact and plan on operating. This includes the council itself and proposing a plan of operations with a long-term perspective.

Director of Finance: As the name implies, the Director of Finance focuses predominantly of the strategic financial matters of the student association. This includes spending, allocation, and outcomes of the finances and budget, all from a strategic viewpoint.

Director of Member Engagement: The Director of Member Engagement serves a leading role in monitoring and collaborating to achieve student engagement within the association. They are the main contact point for the Election Committee President and have a responsibility in overlooking the recruitment within the association.

Director of Education: Beyond just educational matters, the Director of Education has strategic responsibilities in diversity, equality, and student wellbeing. This will include but is not limited to: evaluating and commenting on the association’s goals and its progress to those goals.


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