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Welcome to the Tech Committee

Greetings, future visionaries!

Welcome to the Tech Committee, the home for all things tech and the SASSE members interested in it! As the digital custodians of the Association, we take care of all the IT operations, such as making sure the website, SASSE emails and drives are working properly. Outside the vital operational part, we are also a community where curious and passionate students meet and connect with each other. Our doors swing wide open for practical workshops, spirited gaming sessions, and casual hangouts!

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or someone that wants to be part of a closely knit community who loves to have fun, you will find your place here. So come join us!

Warm Regards,

Tech Committee Board 24/25

“The purpose of the Tech Committee is to maintain and develop the IT infrastructure and websites of the Association, handle personal data and be a platform to members interested in technology.”

Our projects

Tech Days

We present Tech Days – a three-day tech carnival happening every November. Here, we put the spotlight on the latest tech trends, innovations, and their implications. The event is packed with engaging lectures, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities with industry experts. The grand finale is a spectacular banquet and an electrifying after-party that you wouldn’t want to miss. Tech Days is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of technology and the endless possibilities it offers. Come, join us, and meet the future at TechU!

Digital Assets Society

Intrigued by the cryptoverse or captivated by the potential of blockchain? Our Digital Assets Society (DAS) is your gateway to understanding these groundbreaking technologies. We offer a platform for open discussions, educational sessions, and hands-on projects focused on blockchain and distributed ledger technology. DAS nurtures a collaborative ecosystem, publishing weekly newsletters and podcasts to keep you updated on the latest trends, and conducting inspiring lectures from industry leaders. Regardless of your background or expertise, if you have a curiosity about digital assets, DAS welcomes you.


The financial world is evolving, and FinTech is leading the revolution. SASSE FinTech offers a panoramic view of this dynamic landscape. Our initiative dissects the disruptive impact of digital-first FinTech startups, explores the transformative power of mobile payments, and provides a deep understanding of how technology is reshaping the financial industry. We foster open discussions, present insightful lectures, and provide opportunities for you to engage with thought leaders in the field. Embark on this journey with us, and gain invaluable insights that can shape your future career.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

  • How do I join the Tech Committee?

    Look out for when we are recruiting for new positions within the Tech Committee!

  • Where is the Tech Committee room?

    We are located in the Retail Building on the 3rd floor!

IT Support

  • How do you get access to Mecenat?

    Go to the SASSE Reception or send an email to!

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