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Welcome to the International Committee (INTU)!

Do you love travelling and share our passion for different countries and cultures? Do you want to enjoy the perfect mixture of professionalism and party, and meet people from different cultures? Then the International Committee is the perfect place for you!


INTU is a place for everyone, especially for those of you who have international interest or ambitions. Students that engage are given a chance to both learn about other cultures in a hands-on way and pursue their international ambitions. Led by a strong, inclusive and engaging internal culture, INTU is really a home for anyone. Our committee brings an international atmosphere and worldwide perspectives to the Student Association:) IntU lets you participate in the arrangement of everything from legendary parties such as Oktoberfest, to smaller events such as language cafés to more professional lunch lectures!


Examples of things you can be a part of in IntU are:

  • Der Verein who arranges Oktoberfest
  • The Thanksgiving committee who arranges the thanksgiving banquet + afterparty
  • Exchange committee who welcomes and takes care of all the exchange students arriving to SSE every semester.
  • The Assembly of International Affairs, who arranges interesting lunch lectures and debates, it’s a more educational and professional part of IntU!
  • Our different Nations that arrange everything from parties to food tastings to dance classes to language cafés.
  • International Week where you get to be a part of the international committee’s own week that includes lots of activities such as wine tastings, competitions, a banquet + party and much much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who do I contact if I want to post something about an event or recruitment on the website?

    Our Head of Marketing, Sophie! You also contact him if you want something posted on IntU’s official instagram:)

  • How do I book the IntU room?

    Contact someone of the project leaders, Philip or Tuva, and they will help you!

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