Entertainment Committee

Welcome to the Entertainment Committee (PU)!

The Entertainment Committee (PU) is creating unforgettable memories for SSE students, moments that will be etched in your hearts for years to come, even if they may fade from memory the very next day.

PU is, by far, the oldest committee of the Student Association, dating back to 1921. We’re the school’s haven, where you can unplug from academics and unwind.

Over the years, PU has seen generations of dedicated masters and marshals who have not only organized fantastic parties, but have partied even better themselves. As a small and exclusive committee, PU is deeply rooted in its rich culture and cherished traditions.

A lot of what we do are the things student will remember for a long time. We make you dance, laugh and connect with each other on a higher level.

Keep an eye out for the red overall, and remember… be RED or be dead!

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