The Business Committee


Welcome to the SASSE Business Committee

For 30 years the Business Committee has acted as the intermediate between companies and SASSE members to ensure that each student is given the contacts and training necessary to get the job of their dreams. We have 12 projects and 3 societies, making us one of the largest committees of SASSE with about 100 active members.

Aside from all the social events, to narrow everything down you could say that The Business Committee mainly focuses on two areas:

Employment Branding
We help companies target SSE students for future employment. Through career fairs, a large number of company presentations and social gatherings we provide opportunities for SASSE members to get in contact with potential employers and learn more about job opportunities.

Student Career Services
All SSE Students help each other out, as does, of course, the Business Committee. We provide a student-driven complement to the Career Services provided by SSE. Every year we arrange several events focusing on perfecting interviews, writing cover letters, CVs and arranging educational event for students to get a better understanding of different industries.


If you have any questions, want to be part of the Business Committee or start a new project – don’t hesitate to contact us!


Mohammed Talballa – Business Committee President 23/24

BC Inspiration

BC Inspiration is a branch within the Business Committee aiming to arrange inspirational, educational and hopefully memorable lunch lectures as a complement to all the company presentations. At each lecture, we invite experts within a certain field and the topics are widely spread, ranging from mental health to Linkedin basics. Make sure you grab a seat early, the events are usually fully booked in under an hour!


The Festmästeri is a project very closely tied to the BC Board with the mission to create unforgettable moments for the whole committee and to make sure that the “play hard” in our motto “work hard play hard” isn’t forgotten! By maintaining traditions and developing new ones, the Festmästeri brings all the projects within the committee together by hosting spectacular parties in the Rotunda and the annual crayfish party to out in the Swedish archipelago!

Company Group

From September to December, the Business Committee is hosting company presentations. This means that every day, three times a day, we have different companies here to meet you and talk about their business. Attending company presentations are a great way for you to connect with the business community and future employers. And also, to get free food!

Business Development Group

The purpose of the Business Development Group is to further expand on the already strong relationship between SASSE and the business community. Through creating interest in SASSE and its activities with new corporate partners, the Business Development Group will help generate revenue to our student association.

Legal Advisor

CRM Partners

Legal Advisor

CRM Partners