We present official SASSE-lifestyle logo!

We are proud to reveal the symbol of the #sasselifestyle, the way we live and breathe SASSE <3

The SASSE-board of 17/18 has for some time now been dedicated to improving both the physical and mental health of students here at SSE. The thought about students being okay with feeling stressed, tired and depressed is what we want to challenge and remove completely within our association. Our goal as a student association is to promote an environment where you can relax, feel good and have simple fun with others. Since this is of such importance for us and all of SASSE, we in the board decided that the SASSE-lifestyle needs a symbol that expresses positive and helthy values. That's why we want to present the official logo for promoting a healthy, happy and united lifestyle, the #sasselifestyle!

We in the board want to send a big hug and shoutout to Emma Perlelin for designing the logo that will represent the focus of making the students att SSE feel great during their time here. If you have a project, announcment, poster etc that promotes or contributes to well-being, we insist that you use the #sasselifestyle logo! Examples are sports-events or lectures about physical/mental health. You'll find the logo together with the rest here: http://tinyurl.com/logossasse

Take care for each other, eat well, sleep well, learn, have fun together, because that is what the #sasselifestyle is all about!