Update: Computers at ITU

Update: The computers are now working with Windows 10 installed :) However, we have not yet downloaded the majority of the games so please help us out whenever you can. Just start at download when you are leavning and eventually we will have our full lirbrary back. DO NOT CHANGE THE THROTTLE SPEED! (download limit) This is to make sure that you can download while other people are still playing. Also, only download on one client at a time. (Don't download on Origin at the same time as on Steam.)


Yo! We are currently installing Windows 10 at all the computers at the ITU premise. This means that they will be unavailable for use for a couple of days as we both install the new operative system as well as downloading all the games. The out of "order-signs" will be taken down when the computers are ready for use. Thank you for your patience!