SSIF Recruitment

Recruitment is now open for Analysts and Aspiring Analysts! Are you interested in finance, valuation and investments and want to be a part of The Stockholm Student Investment Fund? Take the opportunity and apply here:
We encourage everyone who would like to become either an Analyst or an Aspiring Analysts to complete the form, and we will assign you to the most fitting position for you.
To become an aspiring analyst, no previous experience is needed, but we expect you to have an interest in analysing and valuing companies. Being an Aspiring Analyst is a great way to learn more about finance and investments, before taking the step to become an Analyst. Aspiring Analysts will take a test in order to become an Analyst, which we will provide more information about soon.
Deadline is 18th of March, do not miss your chance to become a part of SSIF! Apply by filling out this form:
More information about the fund and the role as an analyst can be found in the pictures here:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through Facebook or ."