SNNC Construction Week

On December 10th, we will host the 40th Students’ Nobel NightCap 2018, the after-party to the Nobel Banquet. As a result, in the coming weeks the premises at Sveavägen 65 will undergo a transformation to accommodate guests and SNNC staff.

​The remodeling starts on Monday the 3rd and the premises will be restored on Thursday the 13th, if everything goes according to plan.

During this time, the SASSE premises, the Atrium, the Bonnier room and parts of floor 1, 3 and 5 will be unavailable from time to time. There will also be times when a lot of noice will be made. 

Regarding study spaces we recommend students to make use of Studentpalatset. Also, during the construction week, the room "Hörsalen" is specifically booked for SASSE Members. 


//The SASSE Board