As the darkness falls upon us, the Student Association at the Stockholm of Economics welcomes the public to take part in what might become a significant moment, not only in the history of SASSE, but also in the history of sports. As a student association, we have undertaken a challenge, a challenge so immense it has caught the eyes of local media, world-known companies, sports profiles and TV-stars, namely to set a world record. Together with faculty, alumni, partners, friend schools, families and friends, we, as students of SSE, will attempt to run a double pole machine for 9 CONSECUTIVE DAYS down in the SASSE premises at Sveavägen 65. 

Join us and the large number of sponsors in our attempt to build legacy! 

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Everyone, whether they have shown interest or not, will be welcome to participate during the record breaking 9 days! Those who fill out this form, however, will be recognized as SPECIAL or MAIN CONTRIBUTORS and can expect an email from one of the committee presidents prior to the starting date!

//The SASSE Board