SASSE Spring Recruitment 18/19

The time has come for the SASSE Spring Recruitment 18/19

To browse all the available positions, see the attached pdf-files. If you already know what committee(s)/projects you want to apply for, simply click the links below to see the different positions within the committees/projects. See instructions for application further down.


Committee Boards

  • Presidium Positions Offered

  • Education Committee Board Positions Offered

  • Business Committee Board Positions Offered

  • International Committee Board Positions Offered

  • Media Committee Board Positions Offered

  • IT Committee Board Positions Offered

  • Sports Committee Board Positions Offered

  • Social Committee Board Positions Offered

  • Entertainment Committee Positions Offered


Equality Group

  • Equality Group Positions Offered

Handelsdagarna President

Introductions Project Leaders


Application Process – how do I apply for a board/project position?

If you apply for more than one committee/project, you will have to apply through each committee's/project’s separate page through the links above. Your application should include:

1) name of the position(s) you apply for within the committee/project

2) some information about yourself and a motivation for why you are applying for the position(s)

3) If you do apply for several positions within the board/project, please state your prioritization or if you are indifferent. If you apply for several committee boards or projects however, you do not need to rank them by preference – this only has to be done if you apply for several positions within one specific board or project.

Deadline 23:59 on the 21 January 2018. Every applicant will be invited to an interview between the 23rd-26th of January, so keep an eye on your email and phone!

We look forward to your application and to meeting you!

Lots of hugs,

The SASSE Board of 18/19

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