SASSE Recruitment

As you might have seen there is currently a great deal of recruitment going on within our association, the start of the fall is always a busy period with many exciting projects taking off.

Since there is a lot of new information to process and the risk for misundersandings is imminent we want to take the chance to explain the procedure and to rectify some misconceptions.

Most applications closes tonight (September 17th) so please read this information and then apply for all of the projects that you find interesting. They can be found here: 

How does the recruitment within SASSE work?
- You send in your application at (this does not have to be as formal as for regular job applications, no CV or Cover Letter is needed unless cleary stated so).
- All applicants will be given an interview.
- Interviews last for 10-20 minutes and are most often conducted in an informal manner.
- The Project Leaders choose the applicants they believe are best fitted for the various roles.

Coordination between projects
All of the projects with larger roles (such as Handelsdagarna, Entrepreneruship Society or M2) will coordinate their recruitment to make sure that no applicant is recruited by several projects and thus receives a too high workload. So for instance, if a student applies for three larger projects and two of these projects would like to offer the applicant a role, then the applicant will be given the chance to choose between the two projects.
This means that you do not have to be afraid to apply for multiple projects, you will never run the risk of "being stuck" with several projects and the more you apply for the higher the chance is that you will be able to join one you are interested in.

Common misconceptions
- "This role is not for first year students"
There are no positions reserved for specific years or programs and all engagement within SASSE follow the same stipulation: No previous experience needed.

- "But I've never done something like that before"
Yet again, no previous experience needed. In SASSE we learn on the job.

- "I will only apply for one project since I don't want to get a too high workload"
See the coordination between projects explained above. We really do recommend you to apply for everything that sounds interesting! Some smaller engagements will be possible to combine and other you will get the chance to choose between.

- "You can only apply for projects from one Committee"
Not true at all. Within SASSE you can always try a large variety of engagements, learn new things and meet new students. You are encouraged to try your wings within several committees!

Sök allt, ångra inget!