SASSE is now on G Suite!

Dear members of SASSE,

The IT Committee Board hopes that you are enjoying your holidays wherever you are spending it. Even though it's currently over 30 degrees in Stockholm, the IT Committee Board continues to improve the IT environment of SASSE. During July 2018, the IT Committee Board has been working with switching the organization’s office suite from Office 365 to G Suite. As of 20th July, the switch has been completed. This affects all members that hold a position within SASSE with an associated email account (= everyone with a - email account). Below you will find a FAQ with some questions you might have regarding the change. If you don’t find answers to your questions there, please send an email to

Q: Cool, but exactly how does this affect me?
A: Instead of using Office 365 for mail, calendar and file storage, SASSE will now use G suite. The IT Committee has completed this switch since we believe G Suite to be better for SASSE. We also know that many SASSE members use G Suite for their private accounts and are familiar with the client, which of course is a big plus.

Q: Is this any different from my personal Google account?
A: The G Suite for SASSE will work just like your private one, with the apps Gmail, Drive and Calendar. The only difference is that you will find Team Drives in the Google Drive of your SASSE account. See answer further down for more info about Team Drives.

Q: How do I access my account?
A: You login to using your email address and password.

Q: Is my email address changed because of this?
A: No, your email address is the same as previously, and you use that to login to your account.

Q: What about my password?
A: Your password has been reset as part of the change. To access your new password, contact the President of the IT Committee Martin Unger at Upon your first login, you will change this temporary password into a personal password of your choice.

Q: But what about all my old emails? I have some really important information there!
A: The IT Committee is currently in the process of migrating all emails from Office 365 to G Suite. For most accounts, this process has been completed. If you go to your Gmail mailbox you will find your old emails there. Please note that the folder system from Office 365 might have been twisted a bit and you might need to rearrange it. If a particular old email is missing in your inbox, please contact

Q: And what about my calendar? I had booked meetings and events for the whole autumn!
A: You calendar has also been migrated so all old bookings should be found in your new Google Calendar.

Q: I had files saved at my OneDrive in Office 365. What is going on with them?
A: Your OneDrive files will also be moved from Office 365 and put into your Google Drive. However, this process will take some time. We expect all OneDrive files to be migrated by mid August. If you need access to some of these files before that, contact

Q: How does Drive work for my SASSE account?
A: Google drive for your works just like a regular Google Drive. Each account has its own, personal Drive with 30 GB storage for your documents. All your documents related to your position within SASSE should be stored here and nowhere else. It is not allowed to store SASSE-related documents on your own computer or your personal account.

Q: What about Team Drives?
A: Team Drives is what separates your SASSE G Suite from a personal G Suite account. In addition to your own Drive, most SASSE accounts are also part of one or multiple Team Drive. A Team Drive is a shared Drive for every member of a project, group or society within SASSE. For example, the Business Committee Board, Womens Finance Day or Focus CSR each has their own Team Drive where all members of the team store their shared files.

If you go into Team Drives, you should be able to see which Team Drive(s) you are a part of. If you feel like a certain Team Drive is missing, contact to get access to it. It’s not possible for members to create their own Team Drives.