SASSE Board recruitment - Prothonotarius

The time has come for the SASSE Board to recruit the Prothonotarius.
Now what is a Prothonotarius you may ask?
Well, the dictionary defines it as a Latin word which roughly translates into “clerk/record keeper/chief court notary” but I digress. 

The role Prothonotarius will work closely to the SASSE board with the purpose of structuring, maintain and developing the preservation of SASSE history and culture. If you find “kårhistoria”, anecdotes or archiving interesting, apply for this brand new role that will be developed further throughout the year. The Prothonotarius will have the honour of managing the archive of the SASSE board and be responsible for answering, if possible, questions about the student unions past; with mostly a focus on “spex”. For those who don’t know, the SASSE archive is the storage room for all the invaluable historical documents, artefacts, photos and similar objects that have been accumulated since SASSE’s inception. Such objects include photos from parties from the 30’s and documentation of the original statues anno 1909!

So apply now, deadline is on 9th of December.