The IT Committee has officially been approved a name change to the Tech Committee. There will be a release event in the Atrium the 17th of April where we will be serving cake, cupcakes and coffee, and will give you the opportunity to try out our brand new Oculus Rift (VR) - Beat Saber game.

rose of the Week 20

Rose of the week 20 goes to this years Spex for an outstanding performance. It was a true pleasure to watch the creation that all of you have worked on during the last year. A big thank you to all of you involved in the project! //The SASSE Board 19/20

Lost and found in the Rotunda!

Lost and found down in the Rotunda. Pick it up before 14:00 tomorrow (17/5). // SASSE Board 19/20

The results of the Spring Election 2019

We are happy to announce the results of the Spring Election 2019! Chair of the Student Council: Olivia Lemmel Board of directors: Tony Liang Allan Caman Veranika Tsikhanenka Erik Bergmark Ordinary Student Council Members: Kristina Celsing Sofie Appelkvist Equality Representative: Rut Yirdaw Big Congrats again!

rose of the Week 19

The Rose of the Week 19 goes to Entrepreneurship Society. Not only have they executed a great entrepreneurial fair and banquet last week, the group have during the last year really taken the project to the next level. With everything from lectures with great entrepreneurs in the Auditorium to an Entrepreneurial Spring Week with amazing startups, this years project group has really inspired us all. Thank you for all you've done. //The SASSE Board 19/20


Don't forget to vote! Dear SASSE member, In your e-mailbox you have an e-mail from the Election Committee with the voting link. Follow the instructions in the e-mail and make your voice heard before 13:59 Tuesday the 14th of May. .... and don't forget to join us for the results tomorrow at the Pub 18:30

Updated Election Promises

Now all the election promises of the Spring Election of 2019 are gathered. Read them and prepare to start voting tomorrow!

Rose of the Week 18

Rose of the Week 18 goes to the Sports Committee for representing SASSE at Royal’s Cup in the Netherlands and bringing back 3 trophies! A special shoutout to Isabelle Norberg for arranging the trip. Great job on showing what a great spirit we have here in SASSE! //The SASSE Board 19/20

Where is my nomination? No worries!

If you are interested of being a Ordinary Student Council member and didn't get nominated no worries! You can now send in your election promises without a nomination to before the 8th of May 23:59. This is a great opportunity to create a better SASSE!

Enoka of the Month

Sofia Arnekull is Enoka of the Month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board


We're officially launching SASSE Deals - deals that's exlusively for SASSE Members. Continiously over the year, we will be adding more deals, so make sure to join the Facebook group "SASSE Deals", else you will risk missing any new ones. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or if you know any company we should reach out to.


If you have been nominated in the Spring Election, don't forget to submit your election promises to before 23:59 this evening the 5th of May

April Council Meeting

On April 16th, we had our monthly Council meeting. There, we decided to increase transparency towards our members in order to better communicate what we do and what is going on in our organization. Please see below for the major decisions taken at our meeting! 1. We approved the name change of the IT Committee to the Tech Committee, 2. We approved guidelines for the SASSE Board in their process of proposing a definitive budget. One thing for them to take into consideration is, for example, how...

Rose of the Week 17

Rose of the week 17 goes to Chinese Association for aiding and creating the cultural, explorative and well organized China day. Fantastic work, thank you! //The SASSE Board 19/20

Nomination is Open!

Dear Members, The time has come to nominate your friends, frenemies or even yourself for the electable Positions in this year’s Election! Deadline for nominations is Friday the 3rd of May 23:59! Please follow the link and you will be redirected to the Nomination site: Enrollment Numbers of Students are to be found on the SSE Student Portal . How do I nominate a Student? Follow the above link. Type the Enrollment Number of the Student you would like to...


Padel Lovers of SASSE! From Monday through Friday, 9-15, SASSE Members are able to play padel at a discounted price (260 sek instead of 360). Simply mention 'Handels' when booking through the phone: 08-410 417 68 . You will be asked to show your Mecenat card at the center. More info at PDL Center Frihamnen

The Business Committee - Spring Recruitment!

THE BUSINESS COMMITTEE IS RECRUITING! Wow, it’s time for this years spring recruitment and we feel so excited to extend the BC family! Take this opportunity to engage further in SASSE and sharpen your skills by working in an environment filled with joy and happiness! Follow the links to read more about the different projects and available positions! Lots of love, The Business Committee LONDON INVESTMENT BANKING WEEK:

Rose of the Week 16

The Rose of the week 16 goes to M2 for a successful Media & Marketing week. Thank you for filling the week with interesting lectures, giving us a place to hang out in the atrium and a chance to mingle and party on a Wednesday. Great job M2! //The SASSE Board 19/20

Rose of the Week 15

Rose of the week 15 goes to the Corporate Sustainability Group! Thank you for a week filled with everything from inspiring lectures, a successful fair, to competitions and much more. //The SASSE board 19/20

Want to spend Valborg in Uppsala?

Come down to the Rotunda 16/4 at 15:00 to by your guest pass for a Valborg in Uppsala! The guest pass costs 250 kr and is necessary to have if you want to buy entrence to the different student nations in Uppsala.

Rose of the Week 14

The rose of the week 14 goes to a member who is always happy to take on the DJ booth during Rotunda nights and share his amazing DJ skills with the rest of us. This weeks rose goes to Jonathan Bornemann! Thank you for all past, and future, Rotunda nights! //The SASSE board 19/20

Time to apply for SNNC 2019!

SNNC is back, but this time at Stockholm University! If you didn't get enough of SNNC then here's your chance! It's time to apply for the projects groups of SNNC 2019! This year it will be hosted by the Student Association at Stockholm University and they want you to join! For more information follow this link: . Apply before 14/4!

From SSE to Silicon Valley!

Are you interested in working in the global tech hub Silicon Valley? Read about what the Business Committee board 18/19 has found out!

Enok of the Month

Karl Granbom, you are Enok of the month! Congratulations and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE board

Rose of the Week 13

The Rose of The Week 13 goes to the Ski Committee for arranging an amazing ski trip. Hope you all had a pleasant trip! //SASSE BOARD 19/20


Dear students at Handels, It is with greatest pleasure and honour we announce that we have successfully infiltraded your website. However, there are still a lot of work left to do, and we feel like you are still missing a lot of blue.... Over the years we have observed your regretful neglect of the website and it is evident that one can not simply trust economic students to handle even the most basic website. The CSS is awful, HTML tags are missing and do not even mention the JAVASCRIPT...

Rose of the Week 12

The rose of the week 12 goes to HandelsTV for creating amazing videos for several committees and projects. Keep up the good work! //The SASSE Board 19/20

Rose of the Week 11

The rose of the week 11 goes to Tutor Center for encouraging a helping and supportive climate by arranging tutor sessions for first year bachelor students in different courses. This year the project expanded by offering tutor sessions in macroeconomics for second year bachelor students as well. //The SASSE board 19/20

Rose of the Week 10

The rose of week 10 goes to Feminist Society for arranging the Equality Week 2019. Thank you for all the inspiring lectures and for raising awareness on the theme of equality! //The SASSE Board 19/20

Rose of the Week 9

The Rose of the Week 9 goes to Exchange Japan and all members of the project group. Exchange Japan has worked incredibly hard for a successful week with exciting guests, collaboration with KTH and a final, well arranged fair in the atrium. Thank you for your amazing work! //The SASSE Board 19/20

Rose of the Week 8

The Rose of the week 8 goes to Inspiration Week and all the members of the project group! The events, all from inspiring lectures and workshops, to physical activities such Muay Thai and yoga in the atrium were really appreciated by the students. You all worked very hard to make this week happen and the student benefit was maximised. Thank you! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Enoka of the Month

Elvira Ekberg is Enoka of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week 7

The Rose of the week 7 goes to Handelsdagarna! Thank you so much for your efforts and for creating a great fair and wonderful banquets! The students are happy, the company representatives are happy, we are happy! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Rose of the Week 6

The Rose of the week 6 goes to Velitchko Velitchkov! With great talent in creating content Velitchko Velitchkov has contributed to a wide range of SASSE projects. Most recently with marketing of Handelsdagarna and being the projectleader of Handels TV. He definitely has an eye for detail and special effects. Thank you for putting time and effort in making SASSE a pretty place! //The SASSE Board 18/19


It's time for the yearly SASSE Award Ceremony. Follow the link and nominate someone that you think deserve a mark of recognition.

Rose of the Week 5

The Rose of the week 5 goes to the Entertainment Committee for arranging the incredible ESTEN as well as the amazing Ski-pub. Thank you for giving us two great parties after the exam period. //The SASSE Board 18/19

Rose of the Week 4

The Rose of the week 4 goes to Folke Schröder Frykhammar and Jakob Ringberg, project leaders of Exchange Committee! Thank you for creating an amazing introduction week for the new exchange students together with your committee. The intro day, pub night and the Stockholm Treasure Hunt were true delights! You really welcomed the new students in a wonderful way to the SASSE community. //The SASSE Board 18/19

Enoka of the Month

Rebecca Aflaki is Enoka of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week 3

The Rose of the week 3 goes to the new ping pong-table! It had only been here for a few weeks, but it had already brought joy to countless SASSE Members. Keep up the good work, Table! And members, make sure to come down to the Rotunda Lounge and play some ping pong! //The SASSE Board 18/19

SASSE Exchange Merits

If you have not received a confirmation email regarding your SASSE Exchange Merits, please send an email to:

Rose of the Week 2

The Rose of the week 2 goes to Christmas Society for making us feel not only the SASSE spirit, but also the holiday spirit, just in time for the winter break. In the most stressful exam period they got up early just to give all tired students gingerbread cookies when entering the oak door for another day of studying. They also decorated the Pub in the most cheerful way, and made sure that we did not miss the countdown for Christmas by posting Santa of the Day all the way up until the 24th...

Lost & Found

The time has come for Lost & Found! Swing by the rotunda and collect what you have lost. The objects that have not been collected before this Friday 11th will be donated to charity! //SASSE board 18/19 & 19/20


On December 3, the Swedish Student Manifesto was published in DN Debatt, a call-to-action where students from seven Swedish universities and university colleges demand climate responsibility from their future employers. One of the students who signed the manifesto is Ylvali Busch, who is in her second year at the Stockholm School of Economics. Read the full interview here and sign the manifesto here .

Enok of the Month

Mike Pettersson is Enok of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week 51

The Rose of the week 51 goes to Spencer Robild. He started SSE in August but have already spent more time in the SASSE premises than most people do during their entire time at the school. Spencer, we don’t know where your energy, drive and ability to constantly spread joy come from. What we do know is that we are extremely lucky to have you. You have made yourself more than worthy of this year’s last rose. Happy holidays! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Happy Holidays!

It's time for a well deserved winter break! The fall semester has been hectic, filled of fun SASSE activities. During the last few months we have managed to accomplish the SASSE World Record. Nine consecutive days on a double pole machine. The Board of 19/20 has been elected, what an amazing team! Last but not least, the greatest after party in the world was arranged at SSE - Students Nobel NightCap 2018. Thank you for your engagement , See you in January! Love, /The SASSE Board 18/19

Rose of the Week 50

The Rose of the week 50 goes to the SNNC-generals, the legends Mats Wallén and Johanna Lim Falk for creating legacy and arranging the Best After Party in the World! 6 hours. That is the duration of the Students’ Nobel NightCap. Over a year. That is the preparations that these two have put in to make this party happen. Hundreds of students have been part of SASSE’s largest project - SNNC. Hundreds of students have challenged themselves, learned and grown as people, together with their new...

SASSE Scholarships!

SASSE hands out two scholarships every year, for more information please read the attached PDF. The application should include the following: 1. A cover letter (1-2 pages) detailing what you want to use the scholarship for and why you deserve it. 2. A full transcript of your grades at SSE. 3. A cover sheet that you can find attached here or in the SASSE Reception. 4. The application should follow all other critera found in the attached PDF. Any questions? Email

Rose of the Week 49

The Rose of the week 49 goes to Ebba Gustavsson & Ebba Hardenstedt Ståhl for their great work with Tutor Center! By encouraging first year students to attend the sessions and by encouraging older students to be Tutors, they have spread the ”Sharing is Caring”-culture as never before. Thank you for helping all new students at SSE and showing them our culture of Sharing is Caring! You know what? Soon they will create even more student benefit within SASSE by offering this amazing opportunity...

Join team Mindful Mondays

Would you like to join the Mindful Mondays team at SSE? In October 2017, the mindfulness series “Mindful Mondays” started as a collaborative initiative between students and faculty at the Stockholm School of Economics. Team Mindful Mondays strives to make SSE more mindful by providing 20 minutes of guided meditation sessions every Monday during lunch at SSE. You may join the team to deepen your mindfulness and you may also guide Monday mediation sessions if you want to. Apart from...


At monday the 10th of December it is time for the Nobel Banquet and of course Students' Nobel NightCap here at SSE. Apart from the SASSE premises, the Atrium as well as the 1st and 3rd floor is booked and occupied by SNNC during the day. It will be restricted areas because of the secret theme. Of course you can attend your seminars but please go directly there. All the best, /The SASE Board



Enoka of the Month

Kathi Ochs is Enoka of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board


Dear SASSE members, You need to complete the voting survery without breaks, during your first and only try . If you leave your computer for some time, lose internet connection, or something similar happens - your session will expire and you will not be able to submit your voting survey. No retakes are allowed from now on (e.g. message "Session expired"). Should you have any questions, contact us at . Regards, The Election Committee


Dear SASSE members, The voting for the Fall Election 2018 is now officially OPEN. If you have paid your membership fee, you will find a link to vote in your STUDENT E-MAIL inbox. Please follow the instructions provided in the beginning of the survey. Make sure your voice is heard! DEADLINE - Thursday, December 6th, 16:00. Let's go democrazy <3 /Election Committee 18/19

Rose of the Week 48

The Rose of the week 48 goes to Filippa Högling for showing excellent leadership skills when leading the Minimax editorial team successfully - resulting in the latest issue of Minimax (the Change Issue). She is also actively working for a change in our organisation by being engaged in the Equality Group. Thank you for always showing up with a smile and fruitful feedback! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19


Starting from today we will give out really nice prices each day during December month! ​Make sure to like us on Facebook ( ) and follow us on Instagram ( ) so you don’t miss out on winning everything from lunches with business profiles to ski trips and much more. //Handelsdagarna 2019

SNNC Construction Week

On December 10th, we will host the 40th Students’ Nobel NightCap 2018, the after-party to the Nobel Banquet. As a result, in the coming weeks the premises at Sveavägen 65 will undergo a transformation to accommodate guests and SNNC staff. ​The remodeling starts on Monday the 3rd and the premises will be restored on Thursday the 13th, if everything goes according to plan. During this time, the SASSE premises, the Atrium, the Bonnier room and parts of floor 1, 3 and 5 will be unavailable from...

SSE's work to prevent discrimination and harassment

The Discrimination Act requires SSE to work with "active measures" to prevent discrimination and harassment on all seven grounds of discrimination - gender, gender identity/gender expression, age, religion, ethnicity, disabilities, and sexual orientation. We now want the students' views and experiences to see if there is something that schools need to be better at. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey through this link:


Want to go on an exchange semester? It is now time to apply for Bachelor Exchange Merits! You can find this year’s Exchange Merits Template on the Portal (Support → Global Opportunities → Student Exchange), or follow this link: . On the Portal you will also find ALL important information about the exchange semester and the LINK to apply for your Exchange Merits. The Exchange Merits Template can also be found on sasse...

EXTENDED DEADLINES - Safety and Equality Representatives

Dear SASSE members, We have extended the deadlines for applying to the following posts to FRIDAY, 30TH NOVEMBER, 23:59. Apply by filling out the template attached and e-mailing it to , and please read the election regulations (also attached) if you decide to apply. Equality Representative Safety Representtive Let's go democrazy! /Election Committee

Mindful Mondays presents: Four Scholarships for Certified Mindfulness Instructor Education

Would you like to become a certified mindfulness instructor and join the Mindful Mondays team at SSE? In collaboration with Mindfulnesscenter, we offer four scholarships for students, faculty, and administrative staff who want to make SSE a more mindful place. Mindfulness meditation is constantly increasing in popularity. Mindfulness is an attitude that develops attention, awareness and compassion towards one's self and others and it is possible to develop through simple meditation exercises...

Rose of the Week 47

The Rose of the week 47 goes to Amanda Göransson, Carolina Bonnevier and Sofie Edstedt for their amazing job with the Cheerleading team this fall. They have been doing the little extra and have shown fantastic commitment for the team and the competition! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19


Dear SASSE members, Here is the brochure of all election promises submitted by the candidates of the 2018 Fall Election! It is now also compressed <3 This file has been updated the following dates (the corrections are listed in the document): 20th November, 2018 21st November, 2018 23rd November, 2018 25th November, 2018 2nd December, 2018 Regards, The Election Committee


Dear SASSE members, Due to few applications, we have decided to extend the nomination accept deadlines for the remaining vacant positions in the Fall Election until Thursday, November 22nd, 23:59! Please accept your nominations for the following positions before this deadline: President of Social Committee President of Sports Committee Equality Representative Safety Representative Run for the position by completely filling out the template attached, and e-mailing it to

Rose of the Week 46

The Rose of the week 46 goes to Matilda Nilsson for organizing The Sports Committee's trip to Koblenz, where 50 students from all SSE programmes participated in the WHU EUROMASTERS. Matilda has not only provided the coaches and participants with all information needed before and during the tournament, she has also done the little extra to make everyone feel involved and as a part of the SASSE family. Lastly, Matilda was a crucial player of the soccer girls victory! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Join the Consulting Society Facebook group!

All information regarding the Consulting Society’s activities will be posted on the SASSE Consulting Society's page. This group is a meeting point for the members who want to discuss cases, are searching for a case cracking partner or want to exchange general information regarding consulting.

SNNC 2018 is closing in...

On December 10th, SASSE and SSE will host the 40th Students’ Nobel NightCap 2018, the after-party to the Nobel Banquet. As a result, in the coming weeks the premises at Sveavägen 65 will undergo a transformation to accommodate guests and SNNC staff. The remodeling starts on Monday the 3rd and the premises will be restored on Thursday the 13th, if everything goes according to plan. During this time, the Atrium, the SASSE premises and parts of floor 1, 3 and 5 will be unavailable from time to...

The Winter Ball 2018

Dear SASSE members! The Entertainment Committee together with EY PUroudly presents.... THE WINTER BALL 2018 Join us for this SPECTACULAR banquet in the Atrium on the November 24th. After the Banquet the night continues with a MAGICAL after party at CAFÈ OPERA! To make the Winter Ball an UNFORGETTABLE evening, the Entertainment Committee has invited a SUPRISE ARTIST to perform at the Banquet! The artist will soooooon be announced..... WHAT: Winter Ball Banquet WHEN: November 24th WHERE: The...

Rose of the Week 45

The Rose of the week 45 goes to Hana Fallenius-Hlaing och Matilda Strömbäck for their hard work preparing and hosting the Bachelor Graduation festivities in the City Hall. A night to remember! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19


Dear nominees, Time has come to accept your nominations for the fall election if you wish to run for a position. Accept your nomination by following the instructions you have received in your student e-mail. The deadline for accepting nominations is Sunday the 18th of November, 23:59. Let's go democrazy! The Election Committee

Enok(sro) of the Month

Jonatan Arblom Sundblad is Enok(sro) of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

Nominations CLOSE today, Sunday, 23:59!

Dear SASSE members, The nominations CLOSE today at 23:59, so make sure to nominate you and your friends NOW! Link to nominations: Let's go democrazy! The Election Committee


We are pleased to announce that the nomination period has begun today! You have received a link in your student e-mail, which leads to the nomination fill-out for m. Alternatively, find the link he re: NOTE! The link closes on Sunday, November 11th, 23:59. Make sure to complete your nominations before then. Let's go democrazy! The Election Committee

Nominations open tomorrow - how do nominations work?

1 day left until nominations OPEN! The Fall Election is just around the corner, and it is soon time to nominate candidates. Every SASSE member will receive an email with a link to nominations today at 23:59. We in the election committee are sure there are questions regarding what being nominated actually means, certainly for those who will see their first SASSE Election. Therefore, here we have compiled some useful information below: What is a nomination? it is a registration that needs to be...

Rose of the Week 44

The rose of week 44 goes to The Entertainment Committee for arranging the wonderful Gasque weekend. First to arrive and last to leave. Thank you for all late nights! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19


As the darkness falls upon us, the Student Association at the Stockholm of Economics welcomes the public to take part in what might become a significant moment, not only in the history of SASSE, but also in the history of sports. As a student association, we have undertaken a challenge, a challenge so immense it has caught the eyes of local media, world-known companies, sports profiles and TV-stars, namely to set a world record. Together with faculty, alumni, partners, friend schools, families...

Operational Plan 18/19

The Operational Plan 18/19 was decided upon in May 2018. After six months of hard work with these goals, it’s time to share them with you all. Our vision is a more sustainable SASSE, to work for SASStainability. A more sustainable organisation and to act future oriented. In order to make the vision more concrete we have boiled it down to three main goals. Economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. SASSE as an organisation relies almost solely on revenue...

The election season is here!

The election season has finally started! Here are the most important dates and events during this election. Book your calendar and like our facebook page for further updates!

Rose of the Week 43

The rose of week 43 goes to the Class Ambassadors in BE 1 - Isabelle Norberg, Johanna Lindegren and Aline Ghatan. From day one they have taken on the great responsibility of being the voice of their class, and they have done it as true stars! Meeting with the course directors, creating an instagram account to gather feedback, and inviting the class to the UU room for feedback after the first exam period is three great examples of how awesome these three girls are! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Lost & Found!

Missing anything? Retrieve your lost things! Swing by the Rotunda during the period October 17th -19th to collect your items. The objects that are not retrieved will be given away to the more needing. //Karen & The SASSE Board of 18/19

Rose of the Week 41

The rose of week 41 goes to Der Verein, for arranging the wunderbar OKTOBERFEST! Your SASSE spirit and amazing engagement inspires us all. Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Enok of the Month

Niclas Jadberg is Enok of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week 40

The rose of week 40 goes to the Social Committee’s Culture branch for arranging an amazing Culture week, and the Festive branch for making sure that it ended in the best way possible with an extravagant Hwett & Etiquette banquet. After this week we feel both inspired, culturally experienced and, most important of all, royal. Thank you! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

A visit from the EQUIS evaluation team!

Dear SASSE members, Exciting times are ahead of us. During the 9-11th of October, SSE will be visited by an evaluation team from EQUIS - an organisation which every 5th year accreditates our school. The EQUIS accreditation is crucial and important to all of us. Only the very best universities in the world receives this accreditation and without it, it would not be possible for SSE to be ranked in e.g. the Financial Times. As SASSE members, you all play an important part in their visit. Prior to...

Election candidate lunch opportunity!

The Fall Election is around the corner! Are you thinking of running for a post in this Election? Have a free lunch or fika with a current or former Board Member. They are glad to inform you more about the position and answer any question you may have. Of course you can reach out to older Board Members as well. The easiest way to contact them is on Facebook. More information on the election upcoming. Yours sincerely, The Election Committee

Rose of the Week 39

The rose of week 39 goes to the amazing Exchange Committee for hosting a wonderful Welcome Banquet for the exchange students. The Grand Hall truly looked fantastic and the hard work of the Exchange Committee was clear in everything from marketing to decorations and entertainment! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Update your address!

Dear SASSE members, During summer a few of you have changed your home address. Please go into the settings tab and update your home address asap. In just a few weeks there will be a new issue of Minimax released. If you would like to get the magazine delivered to your door - Please doubble check your personal information is spelled out correctly and tick the box (send Minimax to my home address). Lot's of Love, Emma Perlelin Media Committee President 18/19

Rose of the Week 38

The rose of week 38 goes to Women's Finance Day! Thank you for your efforts and the wonderful fair! The positive feedback from students and company representatives has been over the top! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

SSE Profile Wear Ordering

For those of you that missed the ordering day of SSE Profile Wear in the Atrium today... You can still order profile wear through the following link until 23:59 Sunday the 23rd of September. You will be able to try out the products in the SASSE Reception between 9:00-16:00 until Friday the 21st of September. In order for your order to be completed you need to pay by Swish to 1236701304. (Should you not have swish and...

Rose of the Week 37

The rose of week 37 goes to Lucas Solteiro. Thank you for working day and night making sure everything surrounding our company presentations runs smoothly! SASSE is lucky to have you! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Check Your Mailbox!

Information about the recruitment interviews have been sent out. Please check your mailbox for time, date and place specification. If you have applied for a position and not recieved an email please contact the responsible committee president or project leader. // The SASSE Board

SSE Profile Wear Ordering Day

SSE Profile Wear Ordering Day Profile Wear Swing by the Atrium between 10:00-14:00 on Monday the 17th of September to try out the collection, ask your questions to the reseller and order your favourite product!! Sweatshirts, hoodies, half-zips and t-shirts can be ordered on the spot. The products will be delivered to your home adress in the middle of October. /The SASSE Board

Art Divison is Recruiting

Don't forget to apply by the 21st of September! LINK:

Rose of the Week 36

The rose of week 36 goes to the Introductions for planning and executing amazing weeks for the new students. They showed a huge amount of dedication and teamwork, and despite few hours of sleep and heavy workload always had a smile on their face. We could not imagine better groups of people to welcome the new students to the SASSE family. Thank you! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Enok of the Month

Jakob Hammarskjöld is Enok of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

How to book equipment from MedU

Are you about to borrow equipment from the Media Committee? BOOKING SYSTEM All the borrowing is made through our booking page . In order to make a booking, contact me, Jennifer ( or 0730863892), and I’ll give you an approval to book. You may book the most commonly used equipment (including the MedU-room) from their own calendars and other equipment (e.g. flashes, objectives or camera chargers) from the calendar ”Other equipment – SPECIFY”. Please specify...

SASSE Fall Recruitment

SASSE RECRUITMENT As you might have seen there is currently a great deal of recruitment going on within our association, the start of the fall is always a busy period with many exciting projects taking off. Since there is a lot of new information to process and the risk for misunderstandings is imminent we want to take the chance to explain the procedure and to rectify some misconceptions. Most applications closes tonight (September 13th) so please read this information and then apply for all...

Join us on MedU Mondays!

we scream, you scream, ICE CREAM! Join the Media Committee on MedU Mondays, every Monday in September! Swing by our committee room and enjoy fantastic Italian gelato for FREE. Besides getting free ice cream, you can ask us everything about the upcoming project recruitments, sign up to get access to the room or just hang out with us while eating fantastic ice cream!

Join Educational Opportunities

Dear students, On behalf of the Education Committee and the SA board, I would like to invite you to the new facebook group Educational Opportunities! In the group, you will find information regarding grants, courses abroad and other educational opportunities offered for SSE students. Make sure to join the group to seize all possible educational opportunities! Link: Best, Education Committee President 18/19

Join BC Opportunities!

Dear new students! We from the Business Committee would like to invite you all to join our facebook group BC Opportunities! This is where you will find any and all information you might seek about our workshops, company events and job opportunities! Make the most of your time at SSE and take advantage of the amazing options you have available to you as a student! Best, The BC Board Link:

Students' Nobel NightCap 2018 is back!

SNNC 2018 is back to full speed after a refreshing and around travelling summer. If you want to know more about what the project group has been up to, check us out on @studentsnobelnightcap and , and you will find stories from all our project group members! It's great to be back again and it's fantastic to meet all new students at the SSE introductions! For the coming weeks, we will be visiting the four arranging schools one by one, preparing for the...

SASSE Membership Fee 2018/2019

School is back and so is SASSE! Dear SASSE member, on Thursday, August 16th, you will be able to pay your membership fee for the fall term of 2018 and the spring term of 2019. In a regular fashion, you will have to pay your membership fee before you can access and register for SASSE events. Important to note is that the membership fee lasts until the beginning of the fall term of 2019, regardless of when you pay your membership fee . A special message to all new PHD students: Please...


Dear SASSE members, Welcome back from the summer break, hope you all had a lovely summer! Our beloved IT Committee has been working on a new functionallity on the website. All members are now able to make a whistleblow. This means you can annonymously write to us if you feel that you have been treated wrong or if the organisation has been acting in an unethical way. Feel free to express your concern or input. Choose the reciever and send your message.

SASSE is now on G Suite!

Dear members of SASSE, The IT Committee Board hopes that you are enjoying your holidays wherever you are spending it. Even though it's currently over 30 degrees in Stockholm, the IT Committee Board continues to improve the IT environment of SASSE. During July 2018, the IT Committee Board has been working with switching the organization’s office suite from Office 365 to G Suite. As of 20th July, the switch has been completed. This affects all members that hold a position within SASSE with an...

Rose of the Week 23

The rose of the week goes to Linus Dahlberg, Vice Treasurer, for doing an amazing job helping all independent projects with Treasury related matters. Linus has also been outstanding in his work with the SASSE Board. Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Enok of the Month

Simon Eliasson is Enok of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

Read the latest issue of Minimax online

The latest issue of Minimax is out now! Click the link below to read The Future Issue. Happy reading! With love, the Minimax Editorial Team 17/18

Rose of the week 22

Rose of the week goes to Erica Froste för Sasse world cup. She made sure that everything from planning to sponsorship to free hamburger for all players was in place, we would like to thank you for a fantastic and well-run tournament! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19


The results from the Spring Election 2018 are now official! Congratulations to the winning candidates. The results are attached.

Rose of the Week 21

Rose of the week goes to Handelsspexet for planning, preparing and executing an amazing show! We would like to thank everyone in the project group, from costumes and design to sponsorship and the band - Thank you! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Teacher of the Year 17/18

Is there a teacher that inspires you, encourages you or just makes you laugh? A teacher who held great lectures with pedagogical features or just did something that you’ll remember years from now? Now you have the opportunity to show your appreciation. It’s time to nominate the Teacher of the Year 2017/2018!! Teacher of the Year is the annual competition arranged by the Education Committee, where one teacher on BSc-level and one on MSc-level gets the honor of receiving the award sponsored by...

Pick up Your Profile Wear!!

Dear Members, The SSE Profile Wear that you have ordered has arrived and can now be picked up in the SASSE Reception, between 8:00-17:00. You have been noticed on the mail account that you registered when you placed your order, but it might be in the trash folder! Anyway, it is now here and you are welcome to come and pick it up! //The Board

Student Health Survey 2018

Dear students of SSE, let's be serious for once since this is a serious subject. We, the group in charge of student health at SSE, have designed a survey with the sole purpose of investigating the mental health of all SSE students and evaluate what the Social Committee, SASSE and SSE can do to help. The Social Committee has as its mission to improve the wellbeing among all SSE students and this survey is a very important step towards achieving that goal. We need YOUR opinions in order to be...

Return Your Blip

In order to achieve a better functioning system access system we are getting rid of the personal blips used in the SASSE premises. Instead all members will have their access on their white plastic school cards. Get back your 100 SEK deposit by returning yout blip in the SASSE Reception. Deadline: 17:00 Thursday the 31st of May. //The Board

Rose of the Week 20

Rose of the week goes to SASSE Tough Viking for doing an amazing job climbing, running och jumping through an 8 kilometers long course with different obstacles. We are amazed by your strength and fighting spirit! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

LAST DAY OF VOTING + Candidates questioning

SASSE Members, Today is the last day to vote in the Spring Election, and decide who will represent you in the SASSE Council for the upcoming year! The personal voting link is found in your student e-mail inbox (or junk mail). Candidates running for Chair of Council and Board of Directors were as required questioned during their candidacy. Their responses are available in the attached document and the Election Committee advise everyone to read them. Thank you. /The Election Committee

Rose of the Week 19

Rose of the week goes to Tor Fryer Petersson, Nicklas Kövamees and Axel Granström for an outstanding performance in the National Championship in Economics. In addition to winning the trophy, they also continues to keep SSE at the top with the most wins throughout history. Congratulations to Tor Fryer Petersson, Nicklas Kövamees and Axel Granström; You rock!! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19


Vote in the Spring Election. See the attached file for the election promises of the promising candidates! Check your email for the voting link. (We experienced technical problems with the previous link, which is why the link sent to your e-mail is the one that counts!) Voting ends at 23:59 Tuesday the 15th of May. Let's go democrazy!! /The Election Committee

Rose of the Week 18

Rose of the Week goes to SASSE Cheerleading for not only bringing home the first place in Barcelona, but also always spreading the SASSE spirit! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Enoka of the Month

Katarina Bottelli Dahlgren is Enoka of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

Dota 2 E-sports team

Me and my friend Ludvig Holmer are starting a Dota 2-team after this semesters exams. Anybody interested in joining? We will not be super-serious in terms of practice and game analysis but we expect all members of the team to act professionally such as respecting farm-priority, role-specialization and having rosters. Our main goal is to have a good time and do our best meaning no flaming, tilting or bitterness! We are in late-archon early legend-tier and expect players to be around the same...

SM in Economics 2018

Congratulations to Tor Fryer Petersson, Niklas Kövames and Axel Granström who won SM in Economics 2018.

The ITU Gaming room is reopening!

The ITU Gaming room is reopening! The board and the new room managers are now done with the new guidlines for the ITU gaming room and we feel ready to open up the room once more to all SASSE memebers. Join us this Tuesday at 7 pm for the reopening. There will be important information regarding the new rules and strike system and then we will play games togehter and have a good time. Snacks will be served and no sign up is needed. When: The 8th of May at 7:PM Where: The ITU gaming room Welcome!

Nominations for Spring Election is now OPEN!

The nomination for this year's Spring Election is now open! Nominate yourself and your friends to one of the three available positions below: - Chair of the Council - Ordinary Member of the Council - Board of Directors Link to the nominations: Nominations closes at 23:59 on Sunday May 6th. //The Election Committee 18/19

Rose of the Week 17

The Rose of the Week goes to the Focus CSR Project Group! Thank you for an amazing week hosting interesting lectures and workshops, turning the Atrium into a cozy lounge and teaching us about sustainable businesses! Y ou rock! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

SASSE Spring Election!

Information on the SASSE Spring Election Post descriptions The following posts are: 2x Ordinary Council Members 4x Board of Directors 1x Chair of Council See attached file for detailed post descriptions. Information that can be useful for the candidates: Nomination period deadline: 23:59 May 6th. Send in your candidacy to before 23:59 Tuesday May 8th. Candidacy period starts after lunch event the Election Committee will hold the 9 th of May, and the candidacy period ends...

Read the latest issue of Minimax online

The latest issue of Minimax is out now! Click the link below to read The Love Issue. Happy reading! With love, the Minimax Editorial Team 17/18

Rose of the Week 16

Rose of the Week goes to the Entertainment Committee for arranging an amazing Thursday-Pub! The Thursday-Pub’s are a fantastic initiative and it was a great success. Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

A letter from Head of Technology

Dear SASSE members, A new year of SASSE has begun and I have the great honor to take over Beate’s role in MedU as Head of Technology 18/19. This means that I’m the new person to contact whenever you have questions regarding the equipment at MedU. Are YOU about to borrow equipment from the Media Committee? Here are the booking guidelines for it: All the borrowing is made through our booking page . In order to make a booking, contact me, Jennifer ( or...

Grand Reopening of the SASSE Shop

The grand re-opening of the SASSE Shop... ...Starts with the ordering of the new SSE profile wear. Sweatshirts, hoodies, half-zips and t-shirts can now be ordered in the SASSE reception until Friday the 27th of April. You can also swing by the Atrium on Wednesday the 25th of April between 10:00-14:00 and try out the collection, ask your questions to the reseller and order your favourite product!! The products will arrive in the middle of May. /The SASSE Board

The Year Book is finally here!

Make sure you order your copy now! You will receive no later than the 1st of June and will be picked up in the KårExp. Simply-Link: What does the Year Book include? - Pictures from the big events during this year – parties, trips, committees, fairs, and more. There are even Year Book exclusive photos from The Anniversary Feast, among other things. - Funny quotes and gossip from different people within SASSE about the parties, intros, and other happenings...

Rose of the Week 15

Rose of the Week goes to the project group of M2 for planning, organizing and executing an amazing fair and gala! Thank you for your hard work! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Guest Cards Valborg Uppsala

Valborg in Uppsala! Buy your guest card to Valborg in Uppsala in the SASSE Reception! The tickets cost 200 SEK and are mandatory in order to enter the Valborg festivities in Uppsala. In order to buy the ticket you need to bring your ID card as well as your Mecenat card. For more information about Valborg in Uppsala: For more informaiton about the guest cards specifically (in case of questions regarding students from abroad etc. who will not be able to buy the...

Course content for education about diversity and inclusion

Hi! We're from the Equality Group, and are currently in collaboration with faculty members to develop new course material regarding sexual harassment and norm-critical issues. The following survey is to see how you fellow students would rather shape the course in terms of content and examination. Your answers will be anonymous!

SASSE Yearbook

Hi, Please respond to the SASSE Survey down bellow: Love, SASSE Yearbook


Come get your lost items in the Rotunda! Maybe you will find something precious that you are missing. The objects not retrieved before Friday 13/4 will be given away to charity. /Karen & The SASSE Board 18/19

Enoka of the Month

Irma Sjögren is Enoka of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week 14

Rose of the Week goes to our fantastic financial assistant and receptionist “Kår-Karen” Nataly for always helping out with a smile! Welcome to SASSE Karen! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

The Business Committee Spring Survey

The Business Committee works day in and day out, not only to secure revenues for the Student Association, but also to provide a variety of platforms for you as a student to interact with companies. Though proven to be hard, our goal is, and have always been, to operate according to each and every student's interests. That being said, we are now seeking to collect your opinions. The survey can be found here: Best, The BC...


Lundakarnevalen Background The first Lundakarneval was arranged in 1849 and since then there has been a carneval arranged in Lund every fourth year. Since the start the carnival has been themed. This years theme is Imaginalkarneval. Your imagination will be in focus - no dreams are too big. Today the project involves approximately 5 700 students, all working hard in order to make the carnival extraordinary. The carnival includes a lot of surprises, there is something for everyone. For example...

Rose of the Week 13

Rose of the Week goes to SASSE Ski Trip Committee for arranging an incredible trip to Bad Gastein. Thank you for giving the first year bachelors an amazing week with a lot of skiing. Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Rose of the Week 12

Rose of the Week goes to Cecilia Tran, Techmaster in the IT Committee, for her time commitment and sacrifice to fix the broken Internet, despite her exam the day after. Cecilia truly embodies the spirit of SASSE; helping others at her own expense without taking credit. Thank you Cecilia, we are honoured to have you as a member! Love!! //The SASSE Board 18/19

Where to send mail and invoices?

Address and Organizational Information Mail address The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics Box 6501 SE-113 83 Stockholm Delivery address Kungstensgatan 32, 113 57 Stockholm Corporate Information Corporate identification number: 802006-2090 Bankgiro: 541-2390 Reception Opening Hours Monday to Friday 11:00-13:00 Email: Invoicing details We prefer to have invoices sent via e-mail in PDF format to . If invoices need to be sent by regular mail, we...

Are you ready for the time of your life?

Our amazing projects are now recruiting. Hurry up before the applications closes. Click on the tab (Get Involved) in order to get more information about the positions offered. Love, SASSE Board 18/19

Rose of the Week 11

Rose of the Week goes to Hilma Haddad, Head of Event in the Education Committee, for arranging SASSE’s qualification for The National Championships in Economics. In teams of three, the participants were tested on questions within the field of business and economics. The winning team will represent SSE at the Swedish Championship and have the chance to win 45.000 SEK. Thank you Hilma for a well arranged event and for the great work you have put into it! Love!! // The SASSE Board

Students' Nobel NightCap 2018

Students' Nobel NightCap is back where it started! The committee of #SNNC18 will start reqruiting the project group of 2018 very soon. Stay tuned! Photo credit: Alexander Winter Students’ Nobel NightCap is the annual after party to the Nobel Banquet on the 10 th of December in Stockholm City hall and was founded in 1978. The party hosts around 1500 guests, of which several Nobel Laureates, representatives from the Swedish parliament and royal family and Swedish business life are usually in...

New episode of Radio Kaos!

* THIS IS A SWEDISH SPEAKING PODCAST*** Nu äntligen har ett sprillans nytt poddavsnitt landat! Radio Kaos möter vår allas Emma Perlelin som just blivit ny MedU-ordförande! Vi pratar om Japan, nyklipptgräs och stenar på Mauritius havsbotten. Njut! // Finally there is a new episode of Radio Kaos out there! In the podd we will meet Emma Perlelin, the new President of the Media Committee. We talk about Japan, grass and stones at Mauritius. Enjoy! #sasselifestyle #radiokaos Link to the podcast:...

Rose of the Week 10

The Rose of the Week goes to the project leaders of Mindful Mondays, Hilda Hardell and JeeHea Jung, for their commitment promoting well-being, especially now during exam period! Love!! // The SASSE Board

The IT Committee Game Room is Closed

Dear SASSE member, For the past five years, the IT Committee has provided the SASSE student body with a gaming room at Saltmätargatan 13-17. Unfortunately, over this time period, some of the members frequenting the game room have developed a demeanor and a culture that does no longer fall within the lines of SASSE’s values. This behavior includes maltreatment of the premise, maltreatment of the equipment, poor camaraderie, and a culture that can be perceived as improper, excluding and offensive...

Rose of the Week 9

The Rose of the Week goes to Feminist Society and Equality Week for organizing an incredible week exploring and raising awareness on the theme of equality through lectures and evening events. Love!! //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week 8

"This week's Rose goes to Minimax that managed to for a second time in a row deliver a theme that engages everyone within SSE. Their choice to lift and talk about one of society's most important issues is nothing less than commendable. Thank you for being a strong and righteous voice within SASSE"." Love! //The SASSE Board

Enoka of the month

For the past two and a half year Julia has been a key contributor to SASSE Cheerleading and in particular last year as a head coach for the team. Her contributions have shown results as well as the Cheerleading team have secured podium finishes several times during her tenure in the team. But her engagement in SASSE doesn’t stop there, she was also the Art Director for Minimax during her first year at SSE. Congratulations Julia, you are the Enoka of the Month! Thank you for your job Julia! //...

Rose of the Week 7

T his week the rose goes to Handelsdagarna 2018. The Committee, Project Group and Hosts have together pulled of an amazing edition of this great project. We hope you all enjoyed the fair and all surrounding activities as much as we did! Love! //The SASSE Board

Read the latest issue of Minimax online

The latest issue of Minimax is out now! Click the link below to read An Issue. Happy reading! With love, the Minimax Editorial Team 17/18

Receipt deadline - March 1st

All receipts dated between October 1st and February 28th must be handed in at the SASSE reception no later than March 1st at 16:00. This is due to the annual closing of the SASSE financial year. There will be no exceptions.

Update on study places

​ Second round for new study spaces In the second half of February, a next series of improvements on SSE study spaces will be carried out. This is part of the ongoing project that aims to make the environment at the school more study-friendly. Bonnierrum – new study room for quiet studies Starting spring term 2018, Bonnierrum is turned into a study room with approximately 28 individual study spaces for quiet studies. Plants and sound absorbent panels will create a more pleasant and focused...

Recruitment of the Vice President of Handelsdagarna is now open!

Apply to Vice President of Handelsdagarna 2019 via the link:

Enok of the Month

Marc Bergmann is Enok of the month! Congratulations, and thank you for your hard work! //The SASSE Board

SASSE Survey 2018

The one and only survey you should want to answer is finally here! Share your feedback regarding SASSE and how you think we can improve our organisation. Three lucky people will receive a free ticket to the next Summer Party, which you don't want to miss, believe us. Link to the survey can be found here:

The Social Committee is Recruiting!

JOIN THE PINK ARMY! The Social Committee is the creative outlet for SASSE members, with the goal to create student welfare through different events and activities. Since new and innovative projects are more than welcome here – and since there is not really any clear definition of what the committee should do or be – no Social Committee year ever looks the same. By focusing on students' widely varying interest, we make sure everyone is welcome and feels part of the Social Committee spirit. The...

Rose of the Week 6

The Rose of the Week goes to Emma Beckman and Exchange Japan! Thank you for hosting amazing lectures, a fantastic fair and for bringing the Japanese culture to SASSE in an extraordinary and innovative way! Love! //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week 5

The school is running a project with focus on pedagogics (PDA-18) that enables seven engaged teachers to develop their courses, with focus on digital tools. Rose of the week goes to the amazing students from the Education Committee that acted as a student panel on the kick-off session for the project. They spoke for the student body regarding digital tools involved in the education and came up with useful and appreciated suggestion for the teachers to use when developing their courses! Anna...

The Handelsdagarna week coming up with exciting lectures, two days of fair and WebTV

Tomorrow the Handelsdagarna week will start with amazing lectures and WebTV culminating with a two days fair in the Atrium. Sign up for inspiring lectures with Media, Business and Government Organization profiles. Download our app and follow Handelsdagarna on Social Mecdia for more updates coming up! Sign up for Lectures via

The spring Mecenat cards have arrived!

The student ID cards (Mecenat cards) for the spring term have arrived to the SASSE reception and to your home adress. If you haven't received your card to your home address, head over to the reception and look for your card. For questions about the student IDs in general, send an email to Love, SASSE Board 17/18

Rose of the week 4

Rose of the week The Rose of the Week goes to Edvin Landvik our pro producer. He is always helpful, hard-working and ready to capture every moment. During the past week he has been involved in both editing the recruitment video and taking photos for Handelsdagarna. Thank you for always making us *SMILE*. Love! //The SASSE Board 18/19

The Student Association Award Ceremony Lunch

27 February 2018 - The Grand Hall - 12:15 It is finally time for the SASSE Award Ceremony 2018! During the ceremony, the SASSE Board 17/18 will be handing out awards to members within SASSE during the year 17/18. It is now time for you to go in and nominate whoever you think deserves a nomination and motivate why. Let's go! Link to nomination: Lots of love // SASSE Board of 17/18

New episode of Radio Kaos!

Nu firar Radio Kaos in det nya året med ett sprillans nytt poddavsnitt! Vi har fått en andra chans och pratar om dödsdömda nyår, varför massageterapi är bra och hur en tar det som en man; allt detta tillsammans med Hampus Nessvold! #sasselifestyle #radiokaos Länk till avsnittet:

Rose of the week, 40

The Rose of the Week goes to the Simone Fardow, Johan Faxner, and the Exchange Committee! The committee has worked super hard the last couple of weeks to make sure that the incoming exchange students will feel welcome here at SSE, and that their whole semester will be an unforgettable time. Thank you for well arranged introduction and for all the positive energy that you are spreading! Love! //The SASSE Board

Check your mailbox!

We have now sent out information about the recruitment interviews. Please check your mailbox for time and date specification. If you have applied for a position and not recieved an email please contact the responsible committee president or project leader. // SASSE Board 18/19

Japan Week is almost here!

Japan Week is almost here! Exchange Japan is an annual collaboration between students from Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo with the mission to foster cultural and professional exchange between Sweden and Japan. Between 29th January and 1th February, we want to welcome you to join us on a quick trip to Japan. Exchange Japan will be holding exciting events where you will be able to learn more about the Japanese...

Student’s Nobel NightCap

Student’s Nobel NightCap returns to the Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics for its 40th year anniversary! SNNC was founded by a student at SSE in 1978, and is the unofficial after-party to the Nobel Banquette in the City Hall and the final festivity of the Nobel Week. It is the largest project SASSE organises, and is hosted quadrennially by the student associations at the Stockholm School of Economics, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Karolinska...

Rose of the week, 39

Rose of the week goes to christmas society for creating a christmasy and cosy environment with decorations in the pub, by regularly posting "Santa of the day" and for arranging a Christmas fika in the SU-room!

SASSE Spring Recruitment 18/19

The time has come for the SASSE Spring Recruitment 18/19 To browse all the available positions, see the attached pdf-files. If you already know what committee(s)/projects you want to apply for, simply click the links below to see the different positions within the committees/projects. See instructions for application further down. Committee Boards Presidium Positions Offered Education Committee Board Positions Offered

Lost and Found

It’s the last week to have a chance to find your lost items! Come down and have a look in the Rotunda. Maybe you find something precious that you are missing. The objects not retrieved will be given away to charity. /SASSE Board 17/18 & 18/19

SASSE Scholarships

SASSE hands out two scholarships every year, for more information please read the attached PDF. The application should include the following: 1. A cover letter (1-2 pages) detailing what you want to use the scholarship for and why you deserve it. 2. A full transcript of your grades at SSE. 3. A cover sheet that you can find attached here or in the SASSE Reception. 4. The application should follow all other critera found in the attached PDF. Any questions? Email

New episode of Radio Kaos!

***THIS IS A SWEDISH SPEAKING PODCAST** Håll i hatten- årets allra sista Radio Kaos-avsnitt ligger ute! Denna gång gästas vi av ingen mindre än Hampus Nessvold! Frågan är bara varför Hampus blir tyst som en mus..? Få reda på varför Isabelle ringer Josefine mitt i natten i panik och hur en gör när saker och ting inte går som en tänkt sig! Nu signar Radio Kaos ut för detta året men vi ses igen 2018 (vi längtar redan). TUSEN julkramar till er alla! Länk till avsnittet:…/...

Merry Christmas!

The SASSE Board 17/18 would like to wish all students a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We hope that you all take some time off to relax and spend some time with your loved ones. See you all in 2018!

Handelsdagarna is recruiting

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a host during Handelsdagarna 2018! The largest, most fun and rewarding project within SASSE! The application is open and available through this link: Deadline: 24:th of December 23:59!

Apply for Exchange Merits 17/18!

The time has finally come to apply for SASSE Exchange Merits! Are you a Bachelor student that wants to go on exchange next autumn? You can find all the relevant information under the tab "About and Documents" or in the attached files below. How to apply? Fill in the form at If the project is not included in the guide/if you believe that the guide is inaccurate fill in the Exchage Merits appeal form found below. See the guidelines for more...

Enok of the Month

Enok of November is Gustav Olsson! As Head of Beverages within the Entertainment Committee, Gustav Olsson quite literally pulls his weight day after day as spends countless hours making some of our most cherished events possible. He helps members with a smile on his face, is quick with a joke and is a strong advocator of having fun and taking care of one another. He does not run when things get “roddigt” and is a rock that you can count on to help out. As Director of Member Involvement within...

Rose of the week, 38

Rose of the Week goes to Johanna Edin + Election Committee! Last week the next SASSE Board was elected and this would not have been possible without the hard work of Johanna Edin and her Election Committee. Together they have arranged all of the events associated with the election and have dedicated a lot of time towards making the election fair and packed with content so that you could make an informed decision when voting. Love! //The SASSE Board 17/18

Apply for Interview Sessions at Handelsdagarna 2018

Apply for a personal interview with some of your favourite companies during Handelsdagarna 2018! Read more and apply at Before 7th of Januari! Questions? Email: or

Meet the SASSE Board of 18/19

The wait is over. We're proud to announce and welcome the upcoming SASSE Board of 18/19. We wish you guys big luck during your year, but you'll have to wait until the 1st of March until it's your turn. Listen to your elderly until then <3 We also want to send a HUGE thank you to the Election Committee for arranging such an amazing election period. You guys are the real MVP's!

The Election Results are Official

Dear SASSE members, Thank you for voting and engaging in this election. We have had a record high participation of approx. 50% of the entitled SASSE members, meaning that 905 members cast their votes. We from the Election Committe would like to congratulate the elected candidates and all other participating candidates. You are all winners! You can find the election results below. Best The Election Committee

Read the latest issue of Minimax online

The latest issue of Minimax is out now! Click the link below to read The Health Issue. Happy reading! With love, the Minimax Editorial Team 17/18

Enoka of the month

Enoka of October is here, congratulations to Krista Glödstaf! Krista has been a key part of our lives during her time at SASSE without most of us actually knowing it. Her engagement as one of SASSE's most appreciated photographers has created so many profile pictures that it's not even worth counting. The most special thing about her is the way she always manages to be there whenever one asks her for help. Whether it's a project needing a group photo for the next day (even the same day) or MedU...

Minimax Digital Exclusive: AIESEC

Now you can enjoy Minimax between issues through our digital exclusives. First up: AIESEC's Food Mission. Scroll down to "Files" on the bottom of the page - download, and there you go! Straight on your laptop/phone/tablet etc! Are you interested in writing digital articles for Minimax? Contact Also, keep an eye out for the Health Issue, coming to you soon! With love, the Minimax Editiorial Team 17/18


The voting links have now been sent out to the email associated with your SASSE account!! If you can't find the email, check your junk mail. Otherwise, please get in touch with us at .

Rose of the week, 37

Rose of the week goes to Carl Widstrand and the Danish Association! With dedication and enthusiasm Carl has started the Danish Association and they already hosted a couple of succesful events, like the Danish Banquet that took place in the pub last week. We love new initiatives - Great work, Carl! //The SASSE Board


Remember to pay your SASSE fee to ensure that you will receive an individual voting link. The voting links will be sent out to the email associated with your SASSE account Monday.

Regarding Posters in the Kåridor

Dear students, It has come to our attention that some candidates' posters have been torn down from the pinboards in the Kåridor. This behaviour is unacceptable and the Election Committee takes this very seriously. It is stated in §3 of The Election Regulations that any unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in reprimands.

Novembers episode of Radio Kaos is out!

****This podcast is in swedish**** Halli hallå bästa kaosare! Ett nytt avsnitt har landat, och den här gången med ingen mindre än Halvarsson & Hallvarssons alldeles egna kostexpert! Vi pratar om surkål, andning och varför zebror aldrig får magsår. Koka en kopp te, tänd ett ljus och lyssna! LOVE! //Radio Kaos #sasselifestyle Länk till avsnittet:

Rose of the week, 36

Four guys. One dream. To climb the Mount Everest. To swim the Pacific Ocean. To bicycle through Spain. To fight a lion. All in the same day. With the herd as their heart. Together. Together. Together. Rose of the week goes to SASSE Tough Viking, for successfully establish the training group which aims for running the Tough Viking Marathon in May as a BIG SASSE team. Will you join them? // The SASSE Board


Do you regret not running in this year's election? Don't you worry, there are still some vacant positions! Run for: PRESIDENT OF THE ELECTION COMMITTEE INTERNAL AUDITOR SAFETY REPRESENTATIVE CURRENT CANDIDATES ARE ALLOWED TO APPLY TO SEVERAL ROLES! Send your Election Promises to no later than Sunday 26th of November 23:59.

Candidates 2018/2019

Dear students The Election Committee is proud to present the Election Promises 2018/2019!!

Rose of the week, 35

This rose of the week goes to Simon Eliasson, Head of Tech at the IT Committee, for his excellent and continuous work on the SASSE IT infrastructure. He does a lot of work back-office that few members notice but have huge implications for the organization as a whole, all while taking no cred whatsoever. This attitude is really inspiring. Thank you Simon! //The SASSE Board Rose nominations (in English) - - >

Important Information: Nominees

Dear Nominees, The deadline for submitting your Election Promises is Sunday 19th of November at 23.59. The Election Promises may not exceed 300 words, no exception. Ordinary Council Members only have to submit the later part of the Election Promises, not the intial questions. Campaigning will be allowed from Tuesday 21 of November at 14.00. All campaigning is to be conducted as specified by §3 of ghe Election Regulations of the Student Association. Do not forget to schedule your interview...

Important information about Saturday 18/11

This Saturday (18/11-17) The Sports Committee will host the Studentidrottsgalan in the atrium where several universities from around Sweden will participate to discuss the important topic Student Health and together give each other valuable input. This means that half of the atrium will be closed during the day, the other half will be available for you to study in. We are aware of the exam this Monday, and encourage you to study in the pub/rotunda (where we now have WI-FI) or the new study...

Rose of the week, 34

Rose of the week, 34, goes to the Alumni Mentorship Program with a special thanks to Antonia Valencia Alan and Johanna Tell! For arranging an amazing kick-off for all participants in the program with activities, food and great sponsors. This has certainly set the standard for kick-offs to a whole new level!

Nominations Are Open

Dear Members, The time has come to nominate your friends, frenemies or even yourself for the electable Positions in this year’s Election! Deadline for nominations is Monday 13th of November 23:59! Please follow the link and you will be redirected to the Nomination site: Enrollment Numbers of Students are to be found on the SSE Student Portal . How do I nominate a Student? Follow the above link. Type the Enrollment Number of the Student you would like...

Give your opinion regarding exam facilities

The examinations office at school are currently investigating the possibilitites to use other facilities for examinations than those at SSE and would like your opinion on the matter. The Education committee are encouraging this investigation in order for the exam periods to run more smooth in terms of students not having to have exams two days in a row, just because there is no rooms accessable on other dates. We now encourage you to participate with your opinion in their survey, it will only...


Note that some previous board members are on exchange and you can of course contact older board members!

Electable Positions

Here you will find the electable positions SASSE Fall Election. By applying to a position in the Student Association Board, you must be prepared to take on a lot of responsibility. Firstly, you are applying to be a representative in the highest operational decision making body of the Student Association; the SASSE Board. Secondly, you are applying to be given the responsibility over a certain committee in the Association. The role includes as a result two parts; one part where you are...

Which Companies Do You Want to See Represented at Handelsdagarna 2018?

Less than 100 days until SASSEs biggest project and business fair: HANDELSDAGARNA – a meeting place for the Swedish and international business community and students. The project provides students with opportunities for successful careers through a one week program filled with lectures, evening mingle, two exhibition-days, banquets, interview sessions and live broadcasted WebTV . To ensure participation of companies that matches your area of interest, please spend two minutes to complete this...

The Fall Election is here!

The Fall Election is finally here! Please see below for some important information. If you have any questions, please contact us at .

Eunucka of September

Sofie Edstedt has for the past three years been a fantastic contributor to the Student Association. She has an amazing attitude, always smiling and willing to help by spreading lots of joy and positivity within the organization. She has been a part of the ensemble for the Student Farce for the last three years which in itself is an exceptional engagement and shows her commitment to contributing to a more fun and creative environment. Apart from the student farce she has also been a part of the...

Rose of the week, 33

Rose of the week goes to Ebba Jerre as a thank you for creating well deserved break in the exam period. We're so grateful for your job with the exam fika that is a true bright spot in a usually dark time called exam period! //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week, 32

Rose of the Week goes to Julia Blomstergren for her commitment to Tutor Center to her and the fantastic tutors, more than hundred of students have recieved a great chance to prepare during the courses and for the upcoming exams. Julia has shown great leadership skills, motivating students that have taken the course before to come back and help out. If that doesn´t call for spreading the "Sharing is Caring"-culture then we don´t know what does! Would you like to work with Julia? Contact her at...

New episode of Radio Kaos with Ångestpodden!

***THIS PODCAST IS IN SWEDISH*** Undrar ni varför Josefine är så glad? Jo, för att vi just spelat in ett poddavsnitt tillsammans med fantastiska Ångestpodden! Vi kan knappt vänta på att ni ska få lyssna, på onsdag släpps det! #SASSElifestyle Medan ni väntar så kan ni lyssna på våra tidigare avsnitt genom att gå in på Glöm inte heller att spana in vår facebooksida och vår instagram

Rose of the week 31

Rose of the week 31 goes to the Stina Lönnkvist ! For starting up SASSE Yoga and enriching students with the lesson to appreciate their bodies and become aware of the mind and noise it creates. By leading practices Stina encourages sign-up for both experienced and unexperienced yogis. Thank you for spreading calm and inner strength! Love // The SASSE Board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:

New episode of Radio Kaos + COMPETITION!

***THIS IS A SWEDISH SPEAKING PODCAST*** Hej älskade poddlyssnare! Ni har väl inte glömt att lyssna på vårt senaste poddavsnitt med Marika King? Vi pratar om stress , att äta Karins lasagne på daglig basis och hur folk blir skönare med åren. Som grädden på mosen har Marika King gett oss äran att lotta ut hennes bok ”Projekt Längtan” till en av er poddlyssnare. "Projekt längtan" är en smart och rolig roman om jakten på det perfekta jobbet, sökandet efter mening, och om vår skeva bild av Afrika...

Rose of the week 30

Rose of the Week 29 goes to the Culture week! For enriching student life with a broad range of events and activities, the Rose of the Week is awarded to the Culture Week! Many thanks to everyone involved in the project. Special thanks to everyone not standing on the tables during the Hwett & Etiquette banquet. Love // The SASSE Board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:

Join the Opera and Theatre Society!

Dear culture enthusiasts, the moment you have all been waiting for! Join the Opera and Theatre Society on Facebook to receive news about our events as well as exclusive offers!

Minimax Sneak Peek: GELS

In Search for Equality in our Classrooms By Athina Swahn and Anja Tuneld When we came to SSE, we began considering our own behaviour in the classroom. We never raised our hands when we had questions, we never spoke up when we had an opinion. And this is completely normal – if you are a female student. This phenomenon stems from structures that are deeply rooted in our society and affects us from an early age. While boys are accepted for, even encouraged to blurt out whatever is on their mind,...

Rose of the Week 29

Rose of the Week 29 goes to the SASSE Quartermasters! You guys took on the ungrateful task of cleaning both the kitchen and the dreadful storage room. Words aren't enough to describe how grateful we are for what you did. Have this rose at least! Love // The SASSE Board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:


SASSE Yoga is now up and running again, with Stina Lönnkvist as a teacher. Join SASSE Yoga on FB to get information about upcoming free yoga classes at the premises of the school. The perfect study break to relax, destress and refill with focus and energy. First class Monday Oct 2nd 6PM in room 336. Being stiff it's not an excuse, it's a reason <3 Ps. We have mats.

Update: Computers at ITU

Update: The computers are now working with Windows 10 installed :) However, we have not yet downloaded the majority of the games so please help us out whenever you can. Just start at download when you are leavning and eventually we will have our full lirbrary back. DO NOT CHANGE THE THROTTLE SPEED! (download limit) This is to make sure that you can download while other people are still playing. Also, only download on one client at a time. (Don't download on Origin at the same time as on Steam...

Rose of the week 28

Rose of the Week 28 goes to a ll hosts in the Sofa Project ! They took new SSE students into their homes, offered them a place to sleep and company during their first days in Stockholm. // The SASSE Board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:


The AC-unit is now working as intended and should cool the room to your liking! You can set the desired temperature using the thermostat (on the wall, to the right of the entrance) with the + and - buttons. The thermostat is a bit off so it will not show exactly the right temperature but just adjust accordingly For the unit to work properly, keep this in mind: Do not cover any areas where yellow-and-black tape have been put up. This includes no jackets covering the thermostat. The door to the...

Rose of the week 27

Rose of the Week 27 goes to Women's Finance Day 2017! For successfully organising one of SASSEs largest projects with a tremendous fair as the result. We do hope you all enjoyed the fair as much as we did! // The SASSE Board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:

SU Culture Week is almost here and celebrating its 30th anniversary!

Find out about all the events!

SASSE Recruitment

As you might have seen there is currently a great deal of recruitment going on within our association, the start of the fall is always a busy period with many exciting projects taking off. Since there is a lot of new information to process and the risk for misundersandings is imminent we want to take the chance to explain the procedure and to rectify some misconceptions. Most applications closes tonight (September 17th) so please read this information and then apply for all of the projects that...

Apply to SMUN 2017!

SMUN is an annual four-day simulation of the United Nations, held for over 300 university students from over 60 universities worldwide. SMUN offers its participants an insight into the dynamics of international relations by simulating a conference that resembles that of the United Nations. This year, SMUN will take place at Stockhom University November 9-12th. Find more information on our website, WWW.SMUN.SE or our event

DJ Society is back in action!

We have decided to start up DJ Society once again. This means that it is once again possible to book DJ:s for basically any party taking place on SSE. We are still also a forum for people who are interested in DJ:ng, EDM and wanting to learn how to DJ. If you want to book one or several DJs for a party, just send an e-mail to . You can also join our Facebook-group if you are interested in DJ:ing or learning how to DJ:

The Catalogues Of 2018! See Attached Files!

The Catalogues of 2018 are now available to all students! There is an internship edition, and a full-time/trainee-edition. There are many interesting opportunities to discover! Make sure to go through all of them! And always stay updated in the Facebook group "BC Opportunities"/you school mail, as many companies want to inform YOU about their career alternatives this upcoming fall/spring! The project manager of the Catalogues 2018 was Carl Tengblad. Thank you Carl!

The Sims 4 is live at ITU

We are happy to announance that we now have The Sims 4 up and running on six of the eight computers at ITU! They are free to use, without any sign-up, at any time at the ITU premise so come and play whenever you want! The available computers are: sassegame1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8. If you want to read more about what to do at and how to engage in the IT Committe, visit us at: Here are directions to ITU for all newcomers: Head to...

Women's Finance Day 217!

Please note that this means the atrium will be closed during the day.

Enok of May

The Enok of August is Jakob Östgren! He has for the last three years shown great commitment to SASSE. Jakob was a part of the Handelsdagarna 2015 Project Group as Head of Tech and is also one of the founding members of the Music Society. Later he acquired the position as Head of Tech in the IT Committee Board 15/16 and was thereafter elected President of the IT Committee 16/17. As part of the IT Committee Board, Jakob restructured and streamlined the board’s work and was also responsible for...

WFD Banquet 2017

September 12th Tickets:

Rose of the week 26

The rose of the week goes to Oscar Stein! For saving the Student Association house Enoksro from a malfunctioning overflowing tap. Oscar used his plumbing skills and a bit of help from his kind father to stem the flooding, thus removing all the water and saving the many crayfish parties planned for this fall. Thank you Oscar! // The SASSE-board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:

Dota 2 is back on Handels

The IT Committee is announcing our second season of our Dota 2 team with a completely new roster. On Thursday September 14 th at 17:00 in the IT Committee room on Saltmätargatan 13-17 there will be a shorter general information meeting where all SASSE members are welcome to hang out, ask questions and notify their interest in participating. If there are SASSE members that are not able to participate in the meeting, it is possible to notify interest through email to one of the coaches of the...

Company Presentations: Strike System

Company Presentations: Strike System Due to problems arising when students sign up to events but neglect to attend, the Business Committee has decided to implement a new system during this fall. If you have signed up to an event but can no longer attend, then you must unregister at at the latest five hours before the start time of the event. If you fail to do so you will receive a "strike", three strikes will rend you suspended from company presentations for the rest of the fall...

MSc Teacher of the Year

A big congratulations to Mark Voorneveld for being voted Teacher of The Year 2016/2017 on the MSc level! Mark teaches at the department of economics and has the ability to explain complex theories in a very understandable way. As the recipient of this award, Mark will receive 25000 SEK by the contribution of Nordea, as well as a certificate from The Education Committee to decorate his office. Well done, and congratulations!

Board game session

We will meet in the SU-room for the first time this year to play some awesome board games! Everyone can join, in any constellation and its completely free. Some classic board games will be provided such as Monopoly and Chess. Apart from these I will be hosting a session or two with a board game that I can recommend. This week it will be Ticket to Ride Europe. Time: 18:00 - 20:00 Place: The Social Committee room Sign-up: None Join the Facebook-page for regular updates, info and to make your...

The application for SSIF has now opened!

The application for SSIF has now opened! please visit " " and send in your application if you are interested in asset management or company valuation! (current analysts need to reapply as well!)

Pay your membership fee!

It is now possible for all SSE students to pay their SASSE membership fee for the year 17/18. Pay your fee to be able to attend our events and get involved within the organization. You will find more information about the payment at the payment page. Existing students (BSc 2, BSc 3, MSc 2, old PhD) can just log in as before and pay their fee. You also need to update all your information such as personal number, adress, zip code and program details. It is very important that you fill in the...

SASSE has a new secretary!

We officially have a new secretary at the SASSE reception. Let's give a big and warm welcome to Furaha Bayibsa! Furaha will be taking over the role of our former secretary, Rosita. She will therefore be the new go-to person for you whenever you need help at the reception! Happy to have you Furaha! <3

Solution for website login issues

UPDATE: The login problem should have been fixed automatically by now. If you still have issues, please make sure you enter in the web browser field before attempting to login. If you leave out the www-part the problem will still exist. Send an email to if you have any questions. Since a few weeks back there has been some issues for a number of students as they try to login to, causing the error message in the picture above. There seems to be one possible...

New invoice address

In order to simplify SASSE’s processing of invoices from suppliers, we have contracted an external company to process and scan all our incoming invoices. This will greatly ease the administrative burden at the SASSE reception since we will no longer have to do this manually. Consequently, going forward all invoices will need to be sent directly to our scanning company. This means that SASSE has a new invoicing address: Preferably, send invoices in PDF format to either or...

Welcome new students!

Congratulations to all newly admitted students of SSE! In just five weeks we will welcome you to our school and our amazing student association. Make sure to follow our introduction pages to stay up to date on events. Bachelor Students, smattingintro20 18/ Master Students, SSEMasterIntro/

SASSE clothes to wear for SASSE Pride

Student Matilda Waldner has designed clothes that can be used in the Pride parade on August 5 (or, of course, any other day of the year). The styles that are offered, at a non-profit price, are t-shirts and sweaters. The classic SSE-logo is now accompanied by a 'bird of pride'. This six-colored bird represents diversity, and reminds us of how it unites us all. You can choose to combine this bird with a love poem, decorating the back. The price for a one-print t-shirt is 125 SEK, and 300 SEK for...

Rose of the Week 25

The final rose of the week for this semester goes to Elin Kjellström for arranging a great event at Urban Deli celebrating all 3rd year bachelor students, where everyone was welcome of course. Thank you for making sure that those who've worked so hard these three years got to enjoy a worthy "good bye" in before the summer. Have a great summer Elin! // The SASSE-board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:

Rose of the Week 24

This week's rose goes to the marshals of the Entertainment Committee for their hard work during the Summerparty weekend. They built the venue, worked at the party and after all that, cleaned up everything afterwards. We thank them for their commitment that makes the famous SSE Summer Party a reality! Thank you // The SASSE-board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:

Rose of the Week 23

Rose of the week goes to the Quiz Guru, Emelie Ekholm, for bringing back the pub quiz and organizing events despite the exam period! You're a light in the dark, thank you Emelie! // The SASSE-board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:

New SSE Capital Partner!

Cevian Capital is SSE's newest Capital Partner! Thank you for your contribution to our school!

Eunucka of May

The Eunucka of May is Malin Helgesson! The award goes to Malin for her great commitment to SASSE, mostly within the International Committee. She started off as Head of International Relations in the Intu-board of 16/17, a position she managed exemplary. Her enthusiasm and way of always doing her best has been a valuable asset for the entire International Committee. Malin has showed great commitment to SASSE as a whole and the student association needs people like her. Curious, positive and...

Couchsurfing goes SSE!

Couchsurfing goes SSE! Get to know the new SSE students and help them having a good start in Stockholm. As you all know, the housing situation is not the easiest in Stockholm. Finding an apartment is hard even for Swedish people. But for international students coming to SSE it is even harder, especially in late August/September. Many of them have to live in a hostel/hotel/Airbnb for the first few days or weeks until they find something. The Sofa Project wants to help these students by...

Rose of the Week 22

Rose of the week goes to Filip Flenhagen f or arranging SASSE World Cup where over 150 students gathered and enjoyed the beautiful game that many people love. Thank you for your large contribution that made several students come together for a great time! You're the player of the game Filip, please have this rose! // The SASSE-board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination (in English) through this link:

Exchange Committee is recruiting

This fall, over 120 Master and Bachelor exchange students from all over the world are coming to SSE. As part of the committee, you will be helping the incoming students to settle in and organise different social events to make their stay as memorable as possible. It’s time to recruit the new committee of Fall 2017 (yes, it is a half year project). Take the chance to get to know lots of fantastic students from all over the world! Deadline: 4th of June 23.59 If you’ve got any questions, don’t...

Rose of the Week 21

Rose of the week goes to Espen Janson and the Student Farce crew, for their sublime showcasing of passion during this year's "Spex"! You guys took it to the next level and it wouldn't be possible without a Spex general who enbodies what it means to be a part of the Student Farce. The engagement and love for entertainment you guys showed on stage will be remembered for years to come! Please have this rose Espen and the crew behind the phenomenon that is the Student farce, and please, never stop...

New Corporate Partners at SSE

The number of companies in SSE’s Corporate Partnership Program is growing continuously, and we are now proud to welcome Ahlsell, H&H Group and Salesforce to the network. Ahlsell is a leading Nordic distributor of installation products, tools and supplies addressing installers, contractors, facility managers, industry, energy and infrastructure companies, and the public sector. H&H Group is a leading communications advisory firm with expertise in corporate communications, corporate...

Rose of the Week 20

Rose of the week goes to the Philip Jussil for his strong engagement for the equality within SASSE. He demonstrated this by arranging the Equality Forum in a spectacular manner, which led to a smargosbord of new ideas and ways to improve SASSE's culture. You managed to make the Equality Forum both constructive, inspirational and great for all parts involved. Driven souls like yours will always benefit SASSE in many ways. Please have this rose Philip, and keep on fighting for equal treatment...

SU Health Survey

Hey there! The purpose of this survey is to investigate the health of all students and evaluate what the Social Committee, SASSE and SSE can do to help. The Social Committee intent on improving the health of SSE students and this survey is a step towards achieving this goal. We need YOUR opinions to be able to affect how the school works with student health. This is your chance to make a mark on a significant part of student life at SSE and hopefully this survey will influence the school to put...

Apply to be the next President of Exchange Committee!​

Do you want to lead one of SASSE's most social projects? It’s time to recruit a new president for the Exchange Committee for fall 2017. Take the chance to get to know lots of fantastic students from all over the world! Together with your committee, you will be helping the incoming students to settle in and organise different social events to make their stay as memorable as possible. Deadline: 23rd of May 23.59 Apply here:

Election Results for the SASSE Spring Election 2017

The SASSE Spring Election 2017 is now over! Check attached power point for the election results. //The Election Committee

Publica Annual Meeting 24th of May

Hello, On May 24 we will hold the Publica annual meeting. This is the time to choose the new board and vote on changes in the statues. We will be in the sasse basement. Beer and snacks will be served and a good time will be had! The new board will consist of four members. If you want to be part be of the new board, or know someone who would do a good job, you can nominate yourself or them by sending an email to this adress ( ) with the name of the nominee. Best regards, The...

Rose of the week 19

Rose of the week goes to the Julia Olander for her role as Cheerleading captain! Julia has been an excellent team leader for the cheerleading team and is highly respected by all team members. By consistently supporting the team closely whilst still enabling them to work independently, this eventually led to the cheer team grabbing a silver medal in the European contest in Valencia three weeks ago. SASSE is happy to have such an amazing cheerleader on our team! Please have this rose Julia! //...

Rose of the Week 18

Rose of the week goes to the TEDxSSE project group. You succeded in creating a complete experience with both a fantastic atmosphere and inspiring lectures revolving around the subject "The social animal". Thank you for providing the memebers of SASSE with such an amazing evening. We're already looking forward to next year! Please have this rose TEDxSSE! // The SASSE-board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination through this link:

Election Promises - SASSE Spring Election 2017

Here are the candidates for the SASSE Spring Election 2017! (See attached file) Due to some vacant positions the deadline for candidacy has been pushed until Thursday May 11th 23:59 at the absolut latest. However, we urge you to send in your election promises ASAP! Don't forget to vote for your favourite candidate. Voting period starts Friday May 12th and ends Monday May 15th 23:59. //The Election Committee

Information for Candidates to the SASSE Spring Election

Dear potential candidates for the SASSE Spring Election! Here comes some information that can be useful for you: Nomination period deadline: 23:59 May 5th. Send in your candidacy to before 18:00 Saturday May 6th. Candidacy period starts after the Election Committee has published the candidacy on and on Facebook and the candidacy period ends 23:59 Thursday May 11th. All candidates are allowed to hang their posters in the Kåridor. However, respect other candidates...

Enok of April

It has gone almost four years since Max Håkan took his first step in the kåridor, and ever since has his dedication towards SASSE been remarkable. Max started off his engagement in SASSE by being part of the project group for the arrangement of the banquet at Handelsdagarna. Shortly, engagements such as Head of BSc Introduction (Storpappa) and Head of Marketing of the Student Farce would follow. However, Max’s most distingushied contribution to the students at SSE is without a doubt the year he...

Nomination for Spring Election is Open!

The nomination for this year's Spring Election is now open! Nominate yourself and your friends to one of the five available positions below: - Chair of the Council - Ordinary Member of the Council - Board of Directors - Internal Auditor - President of the IT-Committee Link to the nominations: Nominations closes at 23:59 on Friday May 5th. For more information about the election and the positions go to this link: https...

Rose of the Week 17

Rose of the week goes to Neon Nights Vol. 2 and the group behind it for managing to turn the Rotunda into a german technoclub and for delivering an unforgetable experience. We want to thank Mirko and his team for making this special night happen. Please have this rose Neon Nights! // The SASSE-board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for Rose of the week? Submit your nomination through this link:

Rose of the Week 16

Rose of the Week 16

China Night 2017

An authentic experience of China at the Atrium of SSE on Friday evening 28/4! Taste various traditional dishes including Peking duck. Enjoy special performances: Kung-Fu show, Peking Opera, and a band performing. Have fun with games and prize. Willing to have a real taste of China in Stockholm and a cheerful Friday evening? Welcome to the China Night 2017! Limited amount of tickets! Get it here chinanight2017isthlm PLACE: Atrium, the Stockholm School of Economics TIME:...

The SASSE Board 17/18!

The SASSE Board 17/18 says hello, and is finally fully dressed with their purple overalls gathered in a group photo. From left to right, back row: Carl Kugelberg, Gustav Alé Svensson, Maria Bergsten, Caroline Fogelkvist, Fredrik Agmén, Asmir Mahmuljin. Front row: Clarence von Rosen, Sofie Eriksson, Sofia Arnekull and Nicklas Kövamees. Missing: Jakob Hammarskjöld. The reception will be open Monday-Friday at 11-13 where you can pick up your Guest ID for Valborg, give us direct feedback or ask us...

Rose of the Week 15

Innovation day - Project Group For amazing execution and creation of an absolutely brilliant day where INSPIRATION could be felt during each second. Every one of you probably deserve an individual rose, but what you guys accomplished can only be achieved true strong cooperation and sheer hard work as a group. You have really raised the bar this year. Please have this rose! // SASSE-board 17/18 Want to suggest someone for rose of the week? Submit your nomination below:


The winner of our competition is first-year BE student Julia Nilsson!!! Congratulations on winning an amazing night at PUBLICO, free champagne at Maxim and some spextacular transportation to the after party!

Business Committee Opportunities

Heads up to all of you who haven’t bumped into BC Opportunities yet! The official link between job openings and SASSE members. In this group companies will be able to market upcoming presentations, job openings and internships. The aim of this group is to gather all information about different opportunities offered by companies, in order to make it more accessible for all students. Join!! //The BC Board 17/18

New opening hours at the SASSE Reception!

The SASSE reception will be open between 10-16 for everyone to visit, starting August 2017. Welcome in! // The SASSE-board 17/18


Thanks to everyone that came to our ticket release! Tickets for Saturday's show and the afterparty at Hell's Kitchen are now completely sold out! Two options thus remain if you would like to see this year's edition of Handelsspexet: 1. Buy tickets to Friday's show through Simply Events: 2. Put your name on the waiting list for Saturday's show + afterparty by emailing your name to DET ÄR RÄTT ATT GÖRA UPPROR!!! (IT'S RIGHT TO DO...

Valborg in Uppsala!

Valborg Guest IDs! The Guest ID card a temporary Uppsala nation membership for the Walpurgis week, valid from 25/04/2017 to 01/05/2017, and costs 215 SEK. SASSE has 400 cards to sell to students at SSE who are members of the student association. To be able to buy a Guest ID you need to bring a valid ID card and a v alid SASSE Mecenat card containing information about your semester of study (ie VT 17 ). Without a valid ID and SASSE Mecenat card you will not be able to buy yourself a guest ID, no...

New Council Structure

Positions for the new and improved SASSE council is coming up in the Spring Election The SASSE council wants YOU! Do you want to get experience of how it is to work with strategic questions and long-term goals in an organization that has an annual turn-over of 15 MSEK and 800 active members? Then look no further! The new SASSE spring election is coming up between the 2 nd – 16 th of May! This is when the 13 positions within the new and improved SASSE council will be up for election. The...

M2 Events

**If you have signed up for the lectures that will be held during Handelsdagarna make sure to be there 10 minutes before the lecture starts! If not you may risk loosing your spot. For those who have not signed up but wish to attend - be there 10 minutes before and you may be able to fill a spot of somebody who will not be able to attend.** Narva lecture: Seventy Agency lecture:

Important update on the SASSE Board

It is with regret that we inform the members of SASSE that Filip Wikström, President of the IT Committee, has chosen to resign due to personal reasons. The SASSE Board along with the Student Council has chosen to appoint Jakob Hammarskjöld, the current Vice President of the IT Committee, as the interimistic President of the IT Committee. This means that he will take over the operational responsibility of the committee as well as join the SASSE Board in its work. This interimistic appointment...

Enok of March

David Hakula David Hakula is awarded the Enok of the month not only for his long and highly regarded engagement within SASSE, but for also making the Macroeconomic (407) seminars so much more interesting and giving! He is without a doubt one the most appreciated Teaching Assistants that SSE has ever recruited! We also want to give David praise for setting time aside to make the work of the Student Board more effective through counseling and, believe it or not, meditation! He himself was a...

Rose of the Week 14

Jonas ‘Glad’ Glädt For starting up SASSE Hockey and being a positive example through your on-ice performance, motivation of team members and dedication to the Sports Committee and charitable causes (and of course for always cheering people up by being ‘Glad’ all the time). You deserve this rose Jonas! We are looking forward to seeing SSE beat KTH in the planned hockey game ahead! Want to suggest someone for rose of the week? Submit your nomination below:

CSR Program - Norrsken House

Are you interested in learning about how to run a profitable business while contributing to a sustainable society? Join the CSR program to participate in three interactive workshops in collaboration with Axel Johnson, Sustainergies and MISUM. The first one at Norrsken House! Follow the link and apply no later than Friday 7/4. Note that the program will be held in Swedish.

Minimax Survey

Minimax wants to improve by offering the members of SASSE exactly what you want from our beloved school paper! Click on the link and fill in the survey to make your voices heard. Minimax wants to be the best it can possibly be. For that to be possible, we need you members to tell us what you want and expect from it. Your answers are greatly appreciated! LINK TO SURVEY :

SSE Survey

Hello everyone! In you student e-mails, you will find a mail from our principal Lars Strannegård, containing a personal link to a survey asking students about their opinions on their own future careers. It's of greatest importance to the students at SSE, the student organization SASSE, the SSE corporate partners, and SSE to get your views on topics related to your future employment and career. By answering the survey, you will have a chance to win A dinner for two at "Supper" on Tegnérgatan 37...

Art Division is Recruiting

Are you interested in contemporary art? Do you want to organize events that give the students new perspectives on contemporary issues, and create exhibitions that make our school stand out from the crowd? Art Division is now recruiting a new Project Manager, Vice Project Manager and Event Manager .

International Women's Day

MARCH 8TH IS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Take part in the Feminist Society's quiz on Wednesday to win tickets to Millesgården!

Eunucka of January

The Board of 16/17 is excited go give out a final award for this SASSE year. The Eunucka of January is Anna Sandäng! Woho!

Mangi invites you!

Come by the atrium at SSE and get to taste authentic food made by refugees sold in lunchboxes. Get to know their stories, learn how they came to Sweden and get inspired with new recipes! Price: 75 SEK We will accept swish and cash payments! Everyone is welcome to come by and purchase their food, but first come - first served! As we are a social enterprise, all profits will be donated to the refugees. Come by and share this expierience with us!

Minimax Spring Issue - Finally Here!

Now you can read the MINIMAX spring issue in a digital format. Enjoy! Do not hesitate to contact editor-in-chief, Paula, on if you want to contribute to the next issue. ALL THE BEST, Editorial team 16/17

Handelsdagarna 2017 - Evaluation

As we prepare to hand over this great project to our successors we would like to gather the opinions of the visiting students. Please take a few minutes to answer this survey, it is much appreciated! Best regards, Handelsdagarna 2017

Magnus Bild - MSc Teacher of the Year 2015/2016!

The Education Committee and Nordea presents MSc Teacher of the Year 2015/2016: Magnus Bild! Magnus Bild will receive his price at the graduation ceremony in April; the honor and a sum of 25,000 SEK presented by Nordea. Student about Magnus: "Such a nice teacher who wants every student to succeed! You can really tell that he has experience from the real world, being a financial communications consultant to high-level managers in the business world. His classes are modern, creative, practical and...

Rose of the Week

Not to late, nor too early, the board want’s to hand out last weeks Rose of the Week to this years edition of Handelsdagarna. This year, the project group have developed the project in an admirable way forward, done through an extra focus on sustainability - replacing all printed catalogues and instead developed the new app “Handelsdagarna”! Amazing to see the committee and project group innovating and pushing new boundaries! //The SASSE Board 16/17 Want to suggest someone for rose of the week...


Art Division will soon be recruiting a new Project Manager and Vice Project Manager. If you want to learn more about the project before applying, then take the opportunity to work with us during one of our events in March! March 1, 11-13 March 15, 16:30-19:30 Send an e-mail to if you are interested.

The SASSE name celebrates its 106th anniversary today!!!

Let's take a moment and appreciate that the name of our beloved student association celebrates its 106th anniversary today! //SASSE Board

Information regarding the SASSE Premises

Dear members of SASSE, Due to the events last semester regarding the SASSE premises at Saltmätargatan, we will now inform you all about a decision that has been taken by the board in collaboration with the school in regards to the SASSE Premises. The decision that has been taken is based on a large number of occurrences from this SASSE year, as well as previous years, and is not due to any single incident. In collaboration with the school, it has been decided that the current BC premises will...

Entrepreneurial Spring Week

We are excited to finally release the Entrepreneurial Spring Week application for 2017! By filling out this survey (see link below) and sending us an email to with your cover letter and resume you are taking the first step towards the possibility of gaining a weeks internship at one of the many fantastic startups in Stockholm. So don't forget to apply! Link to survey: Deadline: February 20th What is Entrepreneurial...

Eunucka of December

The SASSE board is fantastically proud to present the Eunucka of December, Linnea Guhnby!

Information regarding the mecenat cards

Hello members, We just recieved info from mecenat that the new mecenat cards for the semester have had some problems in the printing process. They have now been prioritized and will be sent out this week. For all members without the mecenat card, you may get one digitally by using the mecenat app. Log in using your student email. If you are attending a SASSE event and don't have the app, it will be possible to just show a proof that you are a student at SSE. --- If you are experiencing problems...

Scholarship at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Don't miss the opportunity to work for one year as Young Professional Coordinator at SwedCham in Hong Kong! Application Deadline: February 20th.

SMUN is recruiting

Are you interested in joining the SMUN 2017 project team to be part of making this year’s conference a success? Look up the positions available and how to apply under ! Deadline for applications: February 13th 2017

The Welcome Banquet

Join us for an amazing evening dedicated to welcoming this semester's new exchange students! WHEN: the 16th of February WHERE: Stora Salen DRESS CODE: Black tie optional Ticket release the 7th for Exchange students Ticket release the 9th for other SASSE members All SSE students are welcome! Ticket release and more info in the event:

The App of Handelsdagarna 2017!

The app of Handelsdagarna has officially been launched! This year the conventional catalogue has been replaced by an interactive app featuring information about participating companies, fair map, schedule and everything else you need to maximize your experience of Handelsdagarna. Download today, the app is called "Handelsdagarna"!

SASSE Survey 2017 is HERE

It's finally time to make your voice heard - give your feedback in the SASSE Survey 2017! - - We will randomly select participants who will be given gift cards for free coffee at Pressbyrån!!! //SASSE Board 16/17

AIESEC is recruiting!

Do you want to make a real impact on people’s lives? Do you want to make a difference and be part of a global network? Apply for the Project Coordinator position for InteGREAT and you can make an actual difference in Stockholm. The project brings international volunteers to Stockholm to work together with asylum centres and creates meaningful activities for the people living there. You will take care of the volunteers coming to Stockholm to work on the project. This is your chance to create an...

HD Events

**If you have signed up for the lectures that will be held during Handelsdagarna make sure to be there 10 minutes before the lecture starts! If not you may risk loosing your spot. For those who have not signed up but wish to attend - be there 10 minutes before and you may be able to fill a spot of somebody who will not be able to attend.** KPMG workshop: EF workshop: Lecture Ströms:...

HD - Banquet Ticket Release

**HANDELSDAGARNA BANQUET & AFTER PARTIES** Follow these links to buy tickets. Make sure you get the right one! Banquet, Thursday: After Party, Thursday: After Party, Friday: Love, HD17

AIESEC presents: Sustainability seminar with Misum

Misum is hosting a seminar with Tensie Whelan from NYU/Stern on Tuesday the 31st at 10:00 on “The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability". Everyone is welcome! To attend the seminar, please email

Career Workshops with Effective Altruism

The events will be held in Swedish. Limited spots! Link to sign up: …/1FAIpQLSc58nvyReu0Zxg4J9…/viewform

Rose of the Week

The Rose of the Week goes to Erika Nilsson and Axel Beijer, The Interview Sessions Team at Handelsdagarna 2017! With tons of energy, enthusiasm and commitment they pulled of an effective marketing campaign resulting in an impressive number of applications. Best of luck to all applicants and we do hope that all students are looking forward to the fair in February as much as we are! //The SASSE Board 16/17
 Want to suggest...

Handelsdagarna 2017 - The Banquets and After Parties

Handelsdagarna 2017 is soon to come! And what better way to wrap it up than with two smashing banquets and after parties? WHEN: February 9th & 10th WHERE: Stora Salen & Rotundan DRESSCODE: Cocktail Stay tuned more detailed information regarding tickets! Love, HD17

Committee Board recruitment FAQ

In the attached PDF below, you can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the ongoing Committee Board recruitment. You will find more information to apply on the following link: Don't forget to apply before 23:59 tonight!

Inspiration Week is around the corner. Sign up Now

The first INSPIRATION WEEK is here!!! Join the Social Committee and socialmästeriet for a week focused on YOU - your wellbeing, health and personal development. We have organised interesting lectures and fun activties that we hope will inspire you. Get ready to FEEL GOOD! Psst! The person who goes to the most events during the week will win a fantastic prize from DaySpa, so remember to sign up! Schedule preview (links for sign ups and tickets are or will be found under each event) MONDAY 30/1...

Launching the SASSE Buy & Sell Group

Why not try something new? Sell your old (and new) stuff that you don't need to other fellow SASSE Members! This is a Facebook Group moderated by the SASSE Board, however, we do not take any responsibilities for the posts, deals, transactions or purchases made in this group. Why a SASSE Buy & Sell Group? - Create a forum for SASSE Members to sell and buy used (and unused) items to each other. Sellers and buyers hopefully feel more secure with...

Investigatory trip to the East Coast

Next week the Board of the Student Association will be embarking on a trip to the East Coast of the US. The Student Council has decided that the Board should investigate two key areas of strategic importance for the future of SASSE and SSE. In addition to this the Board will spend time discussing internal questions that will have a significant impact on the future of the organization. The questions that will be dealt with include benchmarking the educational standard at SSE with other top...

Recruitment of the SASSE Committee Boards of 17/18

It is finally time to recruit the SASSE Committee Boards of 17/18! To browse all the available positions, see the attatched pdf. If you already now know what committee(s) you want to apply for, simply click the links below to see the different positions within the committees. See instructions for application further down. - Presidium Positions Offered: - Education Committee Board...

Entertainment Committee

The Entertainment Committee The Entertainment Committe is SASSEs oldest committee. The Entertainment Committe (EC) is responsible for the alcohol permit and and for organizing the magical parties at SASSE. Fredrik Agmén President of the Entertainment Committee 17/18 Positions Offered - The Entertainment Committee Marshals The EC are looking for marshals! As a marshal in the Entertainment Committee you will work at SASSEs most amazing parties with a tight group of people. An unforgettable...

Scholarship to study in the US

THE SCHOLARSHIPS The Brittingham Viking Organization is now offering one scholarship for the academic year 2017/2018 and one scholarship for summer courses in 2017. The scholarship covers travel to and from the U.S, tuition, accommodation and basic living expenses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recognized as a public IVY-league university. If selected, you will have the opportunity to travel and visit past scholars living all over the U.S. The total value of the scholarships is USD 40,...

Booking of Equipment - The Media Committee

The Media Committee has a great deal of equipment which is available for borrowing within SASSE for photopgraphy and filmmaking. Read how to book equipment -

Students Nobel Nightcap recruitment

Student's Nobel NightCap 2017 is now recruiting a board! This year, the Students Nobel Nightcap are arranged by the student association at KI and Medicinska Föreningen. The generals are searching for board members who would like the uniqe opportunity and experience to arrange this epic after party! It will require a lot of work but we promise an adventure you will never forget! They welcome both Swedish and International students to apply but for a position in the board of SNNC 17, one must...

The Exchange Committee is recruiting!

Do you want to broaden your international network and make friends from all over the world? Exchange Committee is now recruiting buddies to welcome the incoming exchange students for the spring semester. As a buddy in the exchange committee, you will organize fun events and activities for the arriving international exchange students – for instance two banquets, a trip to Lappland, trips around the Nordic region, ice hockey-games, parties and other cultural and festive events. Only your...

Donate money with SASSE & Musikhjälpen!

Help SASSE collect money with Musikhjälpen! The money collected goes to the the aim of enabling children in war to be able to go to school.

Eunucka of the November

The SASSE Board would like to give Eunucka of the November to Sara Myrerenfors. Sara has always a smile on her face and have been spreading joy and energy within SASSE for several years. Her engagement started in 2012 when she was part of the Sports Committee Board, buddy for the Exchange Committee and a member of Der Verein. Furthermore, she was head of Småttingresan of the Bachelor Introduction Committee which was followed by being President of the Sports Committee 14/15. Her constant energy...

Read the latest issue of Minimax online

For the first time ever, Minimax is also presented to you online! Sit back and relax, and read up on SASSE news from wherever you are! Scroll down to "Files" on the bottom of the page - download, and voilaaa! Straight on your laptop/phone/tablet etc etc! With love, the Minimax Editiorial Team 16/17

The Student Association needs you help!

Photo: Erik Schuss The Student Association needs your help, it's time to decide our Common Values! For several months students have been working on discussing the common values (värdegrund) of the Student Association and how such a tool can be used for the best of the organisation. A number of values have been proposed and it's now time for you to have your say. Click on the link and participate to make your voice heard and shape the future of SASSE! Link:

Interview Sessions 2017!

How often do you get to practice your interview skills? At Handelsdagarna 2017, SSE Students are offered real, in-person interviews with some of the best and most popular companies among students. The interviews will resemble real job interviews as and the purpose is to provide relevant experience and training for candidates. All students may apply for interviews with 8 companies by uploading an application file for each company to Handelsdagarna’s website. The file should contain both CV and...

Interview Sessions 2017!

e your interview skills? At Handelsdagarna 2017, SSE Students are offered real, in-person interviews with some of the best and most popular companies among students. The interviews will resemble real job interviews and the purpose is to provide relevant experience and training for candidates. All students may apply for interviews with 8 companies by uploading an application file for each company to Handelsdagarna’s website. The file should contain both CV and Cover Letter. Application is open...

New SASSE Board!

The SASSE Elections are over and a new board has been elected who will carry on the torch as of the 1st of March! Congratulations and well done!!! To see the Election results, go here:

Rose of the Week

The night was a great success and Leo and Mirko really showed that the Rotunda can be so much more, creating an amazing atmosphere with new music, decorations and updated light-system. The idea was launched via the Master Initiative Contest within the Social Committee – which is also a new idea by SU’s Master Representative Madison Rex – where Mirko and Leo won 5000 sek to execute the event and the support of SU. Great contest which facilitated a new, fun and inspiring event! We hope that tech-...

MedUs new Committee Sponsor!!

The Media Committee is proud to present Hallvarsson & Halvarsson as our new committee sponsor!!!! We could not be more happy for this exciting partnership and look forward to a long lasting collaboration with lots of fun events and exchanges during the year to come! Read the news on their website:

Recruiting for China Forum

**Recruiting** Apply for a position in Sweden China Forum, the first and only recurring and dynamic forum for business and partnership between Sweden and China! Apply here:

AIESEC is recruiting!

Apply for two of the most international roles in SASSE! Is Stockholm too small for you? Do you want to broaden your horizons and go to conferences in Sweden, Europe, and the world? Apply for the position as president of AIESEC in SSE to be part of a truly international organization and get all that, develop your leadership skills and help your fellow students finding projects and internships abroad. As a project manager for InteGREAT you can actually make a difference in Stockholm. The project...

Apply for SASSE Exchange merits!

The time has finally come to apply for SASSE Exchange Merits! Are you a Bachelor student that wants to go on exchange? You can find all the relevant information under the tab "About and Documents". How to apply? Send an email to specifying which projects you want to use in your application. The application should include the following information - Name - Registration number - Year of enrollment - Program - Project names - Role in the project - Committee and Project Leader - The...

New access hours at ITU

I am glad to announace that we once again are allowed to hand out access to the IT Committee room to SASSE members. : However, these news come with some caveats. First the good news, we will once again give out what we call extended access, meaning people will be able to receive a blip with which they can open the door and hang out 24/7. The bad news is that we are under strict supervision from the school and if we mess this up one more time, we will get kicked out of Saltis. Therefore the IT...

Apply for the GELS scholarship latest 9/12!

​​Are you a bachelor student and passionate about something beyond the walls of SSE and the borders of Sweden? The GELS Scholarship offers a unique opportunity for outstanding students to realize innovative, self-designed projects in one country outside of Sweden​. As GELS scholar you are awarded a sum up to​ 75 000 SEK to cover costs of transportation to and local expenses in the target country. The GELS scholar is also offered membership in the decade old GELS alumni network offering...

The US election: What will happen next?

Lunch will be served! Donald Trump is the new President-elect of the United States. What will happen next? What are the consequences of the election? Learn more about the effects of the presidential election and how American politics will change. Join the American Association and Publica for a lunch lecture with Helena Groll, radio show host at Sveriges Radio and expert in American politics. Sign-ups in the event:

Join a legacy

Take the opportunity to be a part of SASSE's biggest annual project! It’s not just a fair with the chance to meet cool companies, it’s a whole week with fun dedication and new friends. Handelsdagarna 2017 are now recruiting hosts. Apply to become a host 6th-11th of February (fair 9th-10th). Link to application: If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact

SASSE Board recruitment - Prothonotarius

The time has come for the SASSE Board to recruit the Prothonotarius. Now what is a Prothonotarius you may ask? Well, the dictionary defines it as a Latin word which roughly translates into “clerk/record keeper/chief court notary” but I digress. The role Prothonotarius will work closely to the SASSE board with the purpose of structuring, maintain and developing the preservation of SASSE history and culture. If you find “kårhistoria”, anecdotes or archiving interesting, apply for this brand new...

Information about the new website - Part 4

Committees and projects The Student Union is made up by nothing more than its members. And how do members do what they do? They do their work in committess and projects! Therefore the new website obviously has a section for these. Committees are, well obviously, the Student Unions committees with the addition of The Presidium and The SASSE Council. The Committee pages are quite straight forward. Here you find information about the committess as well as its events, news, contanct information and...

Finally - the SASSE App is on it's way!

Have you ever found yourself in need of a SASSE booking system? Have you been looking for a way to better comminicate with other members? What if there was a SASSE Forum where you could discuss mutual interests? The SASSE Board has started implementing a new App that lets you do all above - in just one app that links the entire association. The app is called YourBlock, and will be released throughout the entire Association once we are ready. Stay put for updates! // SASSE Vice President along...

The Culture Week 2016 Aftermovie Is HERE!!!

Student Culture meets Fine Culture, The only week where you can be hungover at the Opera!! THE CULTURE WEEK 2016

Dramaten tickets! - Ivanov and Fäder & Söner

Tickets: Fäder och Sönder - Ivan Turgenjev: Price: 100 SEK Lilla Scenen Dramaten Ivanonv - Anton Tjechov: Price: 75 SEK Stora Scenen Dramaten MORE INFO BELOW: FÄDER OCH SÖNER av Ivan Turgenjev Finns det plats för kärlek och ömhet i ett hjärta som brinner av aggressiv ideologi? Studenten Kirsanov kommer till sin fars gods tillsammans med sin vän Bazarov, som genast hamnar i konflikt med faderns bror. Det är starten på en berättelse om kärlek,...

Football Pub: El Clásico

The time has come for one of the most anticipated sports events in the world: El Clásico! The game between Spanish giants FC Barcelona and Real Madrid attracts hundreds of millions of football fans around the world and involve superstars such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Bale. El Club invites you to an afternoon in the pub with snacks, beer (there will be alcohol-free alternatives) and world class football. WHERE: The Pub WHEN: Saturday 3/12. The pub opens at 15.15, kick-off...

Reminder: Apply to the SASSE Scholarships!

Photo: Erik Schuss SASSE hands out two scholarships every year, for more information please read the attached PDF. The application should include the following: 1. A cover letter (1-2 pages) detailing what you want to use the scholarship for and why you deserve it. 2. A full transcript of your grades at SSE. 3. A cover letter that you can find attached here or in the SASSE Reception. 4. The application should follow all other critera found in the attached PDF. Any questions? Email president@...

Exchange Committee Presents: Farewell Banquet, Winter Wonderland

The end of the term is closing up and it is time to celebrate the good times we have had together. The Exchange Committee now invites you to the Farewell Banquet. Make sure to join us for an unforgettable evening with the people who only a few months ago were unknown, who today are your friends for life! Where: The Grand Hall Time: 18:30 Doors close at 19:30 Dresscode: Formal attire with a touch of winter Theme: Winter Wonderland Afterparty: Sturecompagniet ('cause it's Thursday) Price: 330 kr...

Information about restricted access to some of the SSE premises during CEMS Annual Events (Nov 30 – Dec 4)!

Information about restricted access to some of the SSE premises during CEMS Annual Events (Nov 30 – Dec 4)!

RADIO KAOS episode out!

Radio Kaos latest episode is now released! This week we are interview one of Sweden’s coolest investors and philanthropist, Sven Hagströmer! Enjoy! Android:…/b00d73182a87ed2faecadc1ec0750ffcff23a4de Apple:…

Rose of the Week

This Rose of the Week goes to the Koblenz Team! There were almost 40 people going to Koblenz, Germany to compete and defend our previous medals. All the players fought hard against different teams from around Europe. An extra great congratulations to the Cheerleading team that managed to grab a bronze medal - the first medal in several years! // The SASSE Board
 Want to suggest someone for rose of the week? Submit your...

More seats for studying at SSE

We are pleased to announce that SSE students will continue to have access to Studentpalatset during 2017. At the same time, the availability of places to study at our own premises will increase. SSE in collaboration with the Student Association have identified a number of unused locations, such as in the Prince’s Gallery where new study places will be created. More tables and chairs for the Atrium have already been ordered. At the end of 2017, the cooperation with Studentpalatset will most...

Information about the new website - Part 3

Bookswap The SASSE Book Swap allows you to buy and sell course litterature to fellow students. You find it on the start page, down to the right and in your account control panel. Selling and buying books is easy as pie! Click sell, fill in the required information and you’re done! Don’t forget to delete the add once it has been sold ;) Click any book you are interested in and send an e-mail to the seller. You can also sort on for example course or title by clicking the header. Hope this...

Right now: UF Asia Week

UF Asia Week Do you want to know more about the fastest changing region in the world? Or simply meet interesting people and discuss political issues over some delicious Asian food? This week the UF Asia Week is coming up! Interesting seminars and lectures, debates, embassy visits and delicious Asian food is what you can expect between the 17th and 24th November ! We will discuss everything from country specific politics to the Chinese rise to a global power and the challenges this posts for...

Rome Business Game

An international opportunity! Rome Business Game: are you ready to accept the challenge? The second edition of the Business Game is waiting for you! Check out the attached document for more info! Selections are open for officials willing to supervise the Rome Business Game! Are you ready to put yourself out there? Visit our website and discover the offer on!/87/b

The Alumni Association Mentoring Program - Extended deadline

Extended deadline: 7 december Great education, lots of drive but less experienced? - Jump-start your career with a mentor! Kamratföreningen (The Alumni Association of the Stockholm School of Economics) offers students at SSE and members of Kamratföreningen with 1-4 years of post-graduation experience a mentorship program. The ambition is to support high potential students and young professionals to a successful start of their careers. Our mentors have more than 15 years of work experience and...



LGBT+ Drinks!

Join the LGBT+ Society for drinks this friday

ITU is recruiting!

The IT Committee is recruting, and we're doing it BIG! The Committee has to grow, with more people being involved in different projects and positions within the committee. This is your chance at becoming involved in the best committee with an awesome internal culture! We, the Board, look forward to reading your applicatio ns! Find out more about the different positions offered and apply at


This year, there will be a new position to candidate for in the elections. Election Committee President. This is part of the restructuring made by the student association council this fall, and it will make the Election Committee a full-year committee similar to that of a regular board committee. The Election Committee President together with his or her Committee will be responsible for arranging to elections, one in the spring and one in the autumn. They will interview candidates, create...

Thanksgiving Party!

It’s time for the annual Thanksgiving Party in the Rotunda! Get ready for a wild night of partying and crazy surprises… ***Ticket release: Tuesday 15th of November, 12.30 PM*** TICKET LINK: Read more at:


Deadline Monday 14 th of November 23:59!

Minimax Contributor's Meeting & Recruitment!

MINIMAX - UPCOMING CONTRIBUTORS MEETING AND RECRUITMENT! Do you want to be a part of the editorial team of SASSEs own magazine Minimax? Or do you have an idea of an article you would like to write for the upcoming issue? Or maybe you only have a gut feeling that you would love to contribute in some way to the next issue but don't know how yet? Now the opportunity for you do all of the above mentioned has come! Lunch meeting for contributors: Monday 14th November at 12.15 at MedU. Come with an...


To apply to this event on November 14th at 17.00, send your CV to no later than November 9th!


*UPDATE: TICKETS WILL BE RELEASED TODAY - FRIDAY 4/11 AT 12:00 - IN THE EVENT ON THE SASSE WEBSITE * -----> SHORT EVENT INFO: Where: Stockholm Nation When: November 18 Theme: Great Gatsby Time: 17dk Price: 420kr (round-trip bus ticket from Stockholm, 100 SEK extra) Dress code: Dark suit but a touch of the theme is welcome

New SASSE Reception opening hours

The new SASSE Reception opening hours are 10.00-13.00 on weekdays. This is due to the SASSE Secretary being given sick leave due to illness. The SASSE Board will work as hard as we can to ensure that our normal student services keep functioning well. We kindly ask for understanding throughout the next couple of weeks until a long-term solution has been found. Upon any questions, please e-mail //The SASSE Board

Rose of the Week

This week’s rose of the week goes to all the new Master and Bachelor students that wrote their first exams at SSE! We hope that you first period has been amazing and that you truly feel welcome and at home at the school. Hopefully everyone feels fine after the Gasque-weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing even more of everyone this coming period! // The SASSE Board ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to suggest someone for rose of the week? Submit...

Important information regarding potential network instability

On this Friday (2016-11-04) sometime after 13.00 the school’s IT department will perform a major alteration on the schools and student unions internet access. This will not incur any noticeable impact on the student unions network but the systems provided may be temporarily offline, inaccessible or unstable for a short period of time during the installation. This includes services such as the internet access in the premises, SASSE e-mail accounts, workstations, the SASSE website, etc.

Problems with the event section - SASSE website

We have during the last week recognized several issues with the event/calendar-function. Events have been moved around unexpectedly and the set date for an event is not necessarily what is being shown in the calendar monthly view. For example: If I create an event on Saturday 2016-11-05, the calendar monthly view will show it on Monday 2016-11-07. If a visitor opens the event however, they will see the correct date in the detail section on the left. Therefore, make sure that you click on the...

Presidential Election Night Pub

Intu American Association and Publica presents the presidential election night pub. The night that many of us have been waiting for. Or the night we hoped would never happen. It's the biggest event in the political calendar of 2016! The US presidential election between the Democrat Hillary Clinton and the Republican Donald Trump. Come to the Pub and watch the exciting election on big screen, have a beer or two and hang out, maybe celebrate that a dugga is over. Let's cheer or cry together when...

New Quiet Room

The quiet room in the main building on Sveavägen has been redecorated and is now available for students to use for temporary resting in connection with, for example, headaches or nausea. The room can also be used for prayer or meditation in solitude. Where is the room? The room is located inside the restroom area in the northern corner of the 1st floor (room A 126A). How do I get access to the room? You get access to the room by checking out the key from the reception desk in the Atrium. The...

Information about the new website - Part 2

Next up on our website for dummies is the calender functions. It is actually straightforward. You can sort the events by two different categories: type of event and committee. Sorting is done at the top of the calendar page. By sorting by type of event you can choose to for example only show social events in the calendar or if you are interested in lunch lectures: company event. Most events are hosted by a certain committee and thus, the ability to sort on committees is present. It is as simple...

Happy Socks discount code

Happy exam period everyone! Our friends at Happy Socks are giving us 25% discount on Happy Socks underwear and socks + Free shipping ! Use the code: HAPPYOCTOBER25 at checkout on . The code is valid in Europe, USA & Canada until October 31st (it cannot be cumulated with other offers or discounts).

SASSE Receipt Deadline

Dear members, it is time for the SASSE Receipt Deadline, this time due to the upcoming interim report on our association. All receipts dated between the 1 st of June and the 31 st of October must be handed in on November 3 rd at the latest. This applies to any receipt regarding a SASSE activity that you are to be compensated for. Receipts are handed in at the reception during regular opening hours. If your receipts are not handed in by November 3 rd , you are out of luck, and there will be no...

Last Day to Apply for SMUN

Apply today to take part of Stockholm Model United Nations (SMUN). With the date of the conference set to November 10th to 13th, this is the last chance to apply as a delegate and experience the exciting world of international politics. Apply through; Stockholm Model United Nations is a three-day UN simulation for university students, held annually at the Stockholm School of Economics. At SMUN, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations as well as...

Rose of the Week

This week’s Rose of the Week goes to Richard Fribergs hair-cut (or lack therof)! As not only one of our favorite Professors, but also a connoisseur of style, we would like to highlight Richard Fribergs great hair-style. Long hair is a true sign of intelligence, to name a few impressive individuals - Gandalf, Dumbledore, Marie Curie etc. Flying the flag high through ever-changing fashion trends and staying strong when other high-profiled Economists concede under social pressure (Anders Borg )...

SASSE Election 2016 update

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the SASSE Elections will initiate in approx. three weeks from now! Some of you may already have decided to run in this year's election, whilst some of you are still making up your minds. To prepare yourself for this election period, we strongly encourage everyone participating to read the Election Regulations. These must be followed during the election period. Remeber that all official campaigning may only start once the Election Promises have...

Take the chance to win tickets in the Nobel lottery!

To join the contest you must: 1. Attend Nobel Lottery 2016's event 2. Comment on the pinned post here: and tag the friend you'd invite and a text explaining why you should win! Two lucky winners will be drawn on Sunday, 23/10 at 21:00! GOOD LUCK!!! --------------------------- Remember to read the terms and conditions of before participating in this contest.

Enok of September

The SASSE Board 16/17 proudly presents Enok of the Month of September, Eric Kalali!

SMUN Deadline - October 24th

Stockholm Model United Nations is a three-day UN simulation for university students, held annually at the Stockholm School of Economics. At SMUN, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations as well as the dynamics of international relations, by assuming the roles as representatives of a country other than their own in different committees. SMUN offers a fantastic opportunity for students to debate global issues currently faced by world leaders, and to draft resolutions in...

Rose of the Week

This Rose of the Week goes to the Sports and Business Day group! The fair was arranged for the first time ever to enlighten and broaden the importance of sports and health. It was a great success with many students visiting the fair and trying out the ”Miniklassikern”. A big thanks to the Emma Olofsson and the rest of the IdU board, Alice O’Connor from Socialmästeriet and the awesome funkisar! // The SASSE Board ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to...

Access to the IT Committee room

The opening hours for the IT Committee's room at Saltmätargatan are, for the time being, the following: - Between 8 and 17 on weekdays using code 9966. - Between 7 and 22 on weekdays for people with access. We will inform everybody when is a schedule change. We do truly hope that access will be extended in the near future. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email to or a facebook message to our page The IT Committee at SASSE.

The first Radio Kaos episode is up!

Dear SASSE-members, Our very own school radio(podcast) @Radio Kaos has just launched this season’s first episode, this week with the Handels-alumni Günther Mårder. Günther is one of Sweden’s most shining star among stockneards, entrepreneurs and kårrävarGünther is one of Sweden’s most shining star among stockneards, entrepreneurs and kårrävar. !!OBS!! To be able to listen to the episode (yes Robin and Olof don’t really know tech) you have to PRENUMERERA on the RADIO KAOS-account so that you...

LGBT+ fika!

Join the LGBT+ Society for fika in the SU-room. No signup needed! 17:15 13/11/2016

SASSE Scholarships

The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics offers two scholarships for studies abroad through Jubileumsstiftelsen (the Jubilee foundation). One goes to summer studies at Harvard or Stanford. The other is for foreign studies of your choice. Valid applications must: 1. Be sent in a separate envelope with your name and the desired scholarship. 2. Be written in English. 3. Contain a detailed list of study results at SSE, grades in each course, as well as dates when exams were...

Apply to attend the American Chamber of Commerce’s breakfast seminars

Do you want to broaden your international network? Apply to get the chance to attend the American Chamber of Commerce’s monthly breakfast seminars. Two students will be chosen to attend the seminars each month with the opportunity to meet their members, which include companies such as Google, Morgan Stanley and McKinsey. Apply by sending your resume together with a short motivation to no later than Sunday 16/10. The spots are open for BSc as well as MSc students.

Study Scholarships - 5000 SEK

Are you a 2nd year Master or 2nd or 3rd year BSc student at SSE with an above average GPA? Then you should apply for the SSE Study Scholarships in the Bachelor and Master programs for a chance of winning 5000 sek! There will be multiple recipients of both of the scholarships. You apply by simply handing in a Transcript of Academic Records together with a form provided at the SASSE reception, no motivation or CV is required. These two documents should be in the hands of Elena Braccia no later...

IntU is recruiting an Event Team!

Do you want to maximize the fun gained from a project? Do you want to plan and take part in the internal events of the International Committee? This year, the International Committee is taking internal events to the next level. Full moon parties, food gatherings, a Balkan-party, and a luciavaka is on the agenda for this fall. But we want MORE. More ideas and more events! If you want to help us plan and execute comming events, then apply to join the IntU Event Team here:

Think Tank Timbro - helps you with your Essay!

Are you a student and interested in freedom? Do you need material or inspiration for an essay? Next Wednesday, October 12 th , Timbro opens its doors for students only: tutoring, open library, job opportunities and a book release AW. Are you our next think tank contributor? Timbro is looking for researchers and report writers. This year we have hired six students to find material for reports or write reports themselves. Come by and introduce yourself to our project managers! Throughout the day...

Information about the new website - Part 1

I case you have missed it, by living under a rock since you started Handels, we have a fresh new website! As new websites go, it may require some time to get used to and some guidance on how to use it properly. Therefore, we have this four-part guide, stretching over a couple of weeks, containing basic information as well as some tips and tricks on how to use the new website; and what better way to kick it off than with the front page! If you need further information on how to upload and...

IT Support email

Hi everybody! Don't forget that if you have a technical problem or an enquiry to the IT committee concerning concerning email adresses or computers (etc), you should write to (and not to the committee president)! Thank you!

Win tickets to Oktoberfest

Participate in the miniSMUN on Thursday at 15:15 in room, 320 for the chance to win tickets to the Oktoberfest this Saturday. This event is hosted by the Stockholm Model United Nations which is a three-day UN simulation for university students, held annually at the Stockholm School of Economics. 250 delegates from all around the world come to SSE to debate global issues currently faced by world leaders, and to draft resolutions in response to these issues. This year we’ve created a miniSMUN for...

Minor Field Studies scholarship

Do you have an interest in development economies? Would you like to write your bachelor or master thesis abroad, in a developing country? Then you should definitely take the opportunity to apply for the MFS scholarship. Deadline 7th of October.

Information about SASSE Exchange Merits

The SASSE Exchange Merits Guide (Kårpoängsmallen) is being updated. The last time the guide was updated offically was in December 2014 and was used to determine the number of Exchange merit points for the SASSE year of 2013/2014. As a result many projects and roles that are included within the exisiting guide are outdated and need to be revised. For example, projects such as "BC Case Competition" and "SASSE Ad" do not exist any longer. In addition the criteria within the guide are also being...

Teacher of the Year 2015/2016

Big congratulations to Sara Rosengren - BSc Teacher of the Year 2015/2016! Sara Rosengren will receive her price at the graduation ceremony in November; the honour and a sum of 25,000 SEK. Also, she will be invited to hold a lecture in contribution with the Education Committees project Last Lecture Series. Keep your eyes open for more information about this truly inspiring event! "She has become a great role model, has incredibly insight in her field of choice, has a fantastic way of inspire...

Female Economist of the Year - Apply now!

Female Economist of the Year scholarship 2016/17 is open for applications. This year it is sponsored by Citi and provides a 12 months scholarship within Citi’s Institutional Citi Group (ICG) in Stockholm and London. Do not miss out on this opportunity! Apply before October 28 th ! Apply here: Read more:

SSCO (Stockholm Studentkårers Centralorganisation) is recruiting!

SSCO is recruiting to a number of different positions, check out the attached document for more information! If you are interested in applying and representing SASSE send an email to detailing which position you want to be nominated for as well as your CV and a personal letter.


Why should I become a member of Der Verein? - As a member, you get to be part of external event such as Das Oktoberfest and a number of internal events including our annual trip to Germany, internal parties at Enoksro, “Battle of Nations” and many more. It’s simply an awesome way to get to know some new people at school in a 100 % gemütlich setting! Wünderbar! But how do I become a member of Der Verein? - In theory, it is easy. You simply attend our initiation in November, swear the ancient...

Rose of the Week

The Rose of the Week goes to the project Future of Business Education, an initiative to more actively take part in the development of our education. The day was a huge success with both insights about the future in general and a presentation and debate about the strategy of SSE. A big thanks to the project group who organized the day! // The SASSE Board ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to suggest someone for rose of the week? Submit your nomination...

Sports and Business Day COMING UP!

On October 3RD, The Sports Committee and our partner En Svensk Klassiker invites you to the brand new fair, Sports & Business Day, to hand out and talk about the importance of an active life. Challange yourself and your friends in the ”Klassikerutmaningen”, win prices and become this years champion. Listen to invited profiles and their inspiring lectures. Visit our exhibitors and take part of their offers and of course, talk to The Sports Committee about our events. See you in the Atrium!

LGBT+ fika!

Join the LGBT+ society in the SU-room for an inagural social.


DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A CLASS AMBASSADOR? As a student at SSE you and your fellow classmates will most certainly have an opinion about the education. As a class ambassador your main task will be to bring feedback to the faculty through regular focus group meetings (two per term). What was good, what was bad and what can be done better? This discussion will of course be held over a free lunch/dinner. You will also get to know students from different years and programs, and be a part of the...

Presenting: The TEDxSSE project group of 2017

The Media Committee is incredibly happy to FINALLYY be able to present to you - THE TEDxSSE PROJECT GROUP 2017! Project Leader: Nils Lager Vice Project Leader: Lisa Tegnér Event: Fanny Almersson Event: Jessica Sköldin Marketing: Oliver Gustafsson Marketing: Johanna Arenius Lectures: Helena Zhao Lectures: Jesper Janson Company: Adam Eckerljung Larsfelt Company: Hanna Louise Forsman Get ready for one hell of a project!

Presenting: The M2:2017 project group!

The Media Committee happily presents: THE M2:2017 PROJECT GROUP! Project Manager: Johanna Sjödin Vice Project Manager: Hanna Höije Sponsorship: Jakob Engdahl Sponsorship: Matilda Forsén Event: Jacob Cederberg Event: Elin Ruland Marketing: Lovisa M Wilhelmsson Marketing: Jenny Hedman Company: Filip Flenhagen Company: Carl Mönefors

The Hwett & Etiquette - After Party

Minimalism. ☟☟☟☟

Rose of the Week

This week’s rose of the week goes to the project group for Women’s Finance Day and their newly created network for females interested in finance! This year’s fair was larger than ever in all aspects imaginable - more companies, more sectors represented, more events and more students engaged. It was truly inspiring to attend the fair and you could see that countless hours have been put into this project! // The SASSE Board ----------------------------------------------------------------------...

Enok of August

The SASSE Board 16/17 proudly presents Enok of the Month of August, Petter Nilsson Wihlbäck!

Submit an idea to win the Master Initiative!

Hey all Master’s students! Did you know that SASSE has a special fund called the Master Initiative dedicated specifically to putting on amazing events imagined by YOU? You can win 5000 SEK towards putting on your dream event by submitting a short pitch through the form below. What kind of idea can you pitch? The world is your oyster! The only requirements are that it is a fun and engaging event inclusive for all SSE students. It can be big or small, on-campus or off, last night or early morning...

SSE statement with regards to study places

We fully understand your concerns regarding future study places as we are preparing to leave Studentpalatset. Together with SASSE we aim to find appropriate solutions within our own premises for both individual studies and group work. We are currently evaluating different alternatives and will be back with further information as we proceed. Meantime, we encourage you to direct your questions and concerns to SASSE with whom we are closely cooperating to find the best possible solutions for all...

Info about Mecenat and SSSB

Hello members, The Mecenat card are now starting to roll in. In order to recieve yours', you need to manually update your personal information here on the website. All required fields must be filled to recieve your mecenat-card and take place in the SSSB line. If you are experiencing problems regarding mecenat or SSSB or mecenat, please email or come down to the SASSE reception. If the door is looked, knock and we'll surely be inside. // Mats Dalmas Wallén, Vice President of SASSE

The Culture Week of 2016 is here!

The time has finally come. This years culture week (26/9 - 1/1) will be remembered as the critical moment when high culture coalesced with and became indistinguishable from student culture. For one week the Social Committee will organize events such as opera-visits, lectures and several mind-blowing parties. Join us for the most hectic, crazy and pretentious week of the year!

Information about Studentpalatset and Group Rooms

Maybe you have noticed there are no group rooms in the library? The reason for this is that Executive Education has moved in to Sveavägen 65 and therefore the group rooms are now offices. Maybe you have heard rumors about Studentpalatset? We will have access to Studentpalatset unti January, due to very high fees SSE has decided to cancel their agreement with Studentpalatset after that. What is SASSE doing about this? So, until January you will find group rooms at Studentpalatset and in the mean...

What will the Business Education look like in the future?

The Education Committee proudly presents: THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION. A theme day in three parts this Friday the 23rd of September. Part 1: 10.15 Futurologist and Trendspotter Magnus Lindkvist gives an inspirational lecture on future-telling Part 2: 15.15 What will your Human Capital be worth in the future? Panel debate with panellists ranging from Executive Recruitment to Executive Education. Part 3: 16.30 Two Business School Presidents share their strategies. Professor Lars Strannegård...


The American Association is now recruiting a project group who will be responsible for throwing an epic Thanksgiving dinner in the Rotunda. If you're a big fan of beer-pong, parties and American culture - then you’re exactly who we’re looking for. It’s a project with few boundaries and great opportunities. The project group consist of 5-6 people who will make sure this becomes a night to remember and a night to be thankful for! Apply here:

ITU is selling computers!

We are having an auction where we are selling our old gaming gaming computers this wednesday at 18:30 in the Rotunda. Check out the event here with more specifics:

Recruiting Board Members for the Chinese Association

Are you interested in China, or anything regarding Chinese culture? In that case the Chinese Association at SASSE might interest you. We will host fun events where you get the chance to meet people with similar interests. Right now we are looking for two board members to help out with the planning and execution of these events. The job is not very time consuming but nevertheless we are looking for devoted people who will do their best. Are you interested or do you know anyone who would be...

The Business Committee is recruiting!

The ULTIMATE business opportunity has arrived! Do not miss out on becoming part of the Business Committee within SASSE. There are currently many different projects recruiting, all of which can provide you with valuable experiences. Career Day - International Internship Group - Consulting Society - Entrepreneurship Society - https://www.sasse...

Company Events Week 37

Do not forget to sign up for company events this week!

The Business Committee Catalogues have arrived!

Every year the Business Committee creates two guides to help SSE students land the job of their dreams: The Internship Catalogue and the Full-Time & Trainee Catalogue. Check your student email to see the catalogues or download them below. The guides are packed with job opportunities from different companies, but do not forget to check your student email regularly and join "BC Opportunities" on Facebook to make sure that you do not miss out on other job offerings that will be posted about...

The International Committee will soon be recruiting!

Are you interested in the international committee and what we have to offer? Then this is your lucky day! This fall IntU will be recruiting projectleaders and projectgroups for 3 projects. The first one up is a BRAND NEW project called "The IntU Pitch Project", and it gives you the opportunity to execute your own project idea! The only criterias are: 1. That you have an idea. 2. That your idea has a clear international connection. 3. That your project in some way, contributes to a better world...

Call for analysts!

Call for analysts! Are you interested in developing and deepening your passion for financial markets and investing? Do you want to get real market exposure in an encouraging and educational atmosphere? Then you are the ideal candidate to join us as an analyst! The Stockholm Student Investment Fund is a student-run investment fund for students studying at Stockholm School of Economics. With qualified students leading the sectors, and with a clear focus on learning by doing coupled with workshops...

Marketing Scholarship in New York

Are you interested in marketing and PR and would love to spend 12 moths in New York ? Then apply to this scholarship offered at the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in New York! Read more in the attached file! Pst! Do not forget to subscribe to news by the Education Committee to get more information about scholarships and don't miss out on cool oppertunities.

Thank you!

Hello dear SASSE members, Thank you all for paying this year's membership fee and becoming a member of SASSE! After only a week, we have gained a total of 1000 members! Still haven't paid the fee? Make sure you do it do it now by going to the SASSE website and log in using your SSE credentials! If you are experiencing problems paying the membership fee, try another browser (eg. internet explorer). If that doesn't work, you could try another credit card. If you still can't make the...

Important information regarding the SASSE Premises

Dear members of SASSE, Due to a wide range of factors and incidents that have occurred during previous years as well as this year, we must now inform you all about a decision that has been taken by the school with regards to the Media Committee and IT Committee rooms on Saltmätargatan. We would like to highlight the fact that no single incident has caused this situation. The decision that has been taken is based on a large number of occurrences that has forced the school to take action. The...

Crayfish Party with INTU

The 16th of September it is time for INTU's annual Crayfish Party at Enoksro. And this year, INTU wants to invite EVERYONE ! Are you a first year bachelor or master student? Or here on exchange? Are you interested in joining INTU? Then this is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know one another! However, there is only so much space in Enoksro, so we will have an EXTERNAL TICKET RELEASE at our Facebook page. Make sure to grab a ticket there! Ticket release: 8th of September, 4.00 PM. At...

Worried about the upcoming math test?

No need to be! We would like to welcome all first year BSc students to a study session in Mathematics (Matematik A)! We will start of with a short review of some excersises from previous exams, and then move on to self-study where our tutors are there to answer all of your questions. Our tutors are fellow students, meaning that they can give you some valuable advice on how to study. Sharing is caring <3 When? 9/9: 10-12 15/9: 15-17 Where? Come and join us in room 133, there is no requirement...

Introduction Weeks halfway done!

The Introduction Weeks have been packed with activities. Everything from a visit to Gröna Lund for all the new master students to an afternoon packed with sports activities for the Bachelors. We hope that you all have had an amazing time so far and truly feel prepared for the start of a new academic year!

Become a student ambassador!

*Open only for BSc students* ARE YOU OUR NEXT STUDENT AMBASSADOR? Would you like to meet the SSE students of tomorrow? Get a fancy SSE hoodie? Or maybe you just want to earn some extra merits (kårpoäng) for the exchange program? Then the Ambassadors Program is something for you! Being an ambassador includes visiting high schools all around Sweden, go to University fairs such as SACO, attend the ”open house evening” (öppet hus) at SSE so that more high school students can get to know our amazing...

Sign up for company events!

Fall = a packed schedule with company events at SSE - and now you can finally begin to sign up! As usual, registration opens one week before the event at 12.00. Make sure to check out the calendar for the entire fall to make sure that you do not miss out on the opportunitity to meet with interesting potential employers! If you have any questions about the registration or about any event, contact Tilda Sander - If you have any questions about the Business Committee in...

Applications process for London Investment Banking Week 2016 is now open!

Are you a 2nd year BSc or a 1st year MSc student with an interest in finance? Then you are the ideal candidate for SSE London Investment Banking Week 2016! LIBW provides you with the chance to meet and interact with some of the most attractive finance companies during a one-week trip to London.