New access hours at ITU

I am glad to announace that we once again are allowed to hand out access to the IT Committee room to SASSE members. : However, these news come with some caveats.

First the good news, we will once again give out what we call extended access, meaning people will be able to receive a blip with which they can open the door and hang out 24/7.

The bad news is that we are under strict supervision from the school and if we mess this up one more time, we will get kicked out of Saltis. Therefore the IT Committee board has agreed on some new ways and some old ways to deal with this:

1. As usual, only people who have an active role within the IT Committee will get access. It is however easy to have an active role either through applying to one of the posts we recently advertised or by helping out wuth cleaning the premise. 

2. The rule set has been updated, see Make sure you read them and understand them. Break them and you lose your access.

Let me know if you want access on