The first Lundakarneval was arranged in 1849 and since then there has been a carneval arranged in Lund every fourth year. Since the start the carnival has been themed. This years theme is Imaginalkarneval. Your imagination will be in focus - no dreams are too big. 

Today the project involves approximately 5 700 students, all working hard in order to make the carnival extraordinary. The carnival includes a lot of surprises, there is something for everyone. For example you can play games, listen to the Lundacarneval broadcast, experience the student farce, visit the opera, watch the revue, dance at a day party or head bang on one of the twelve concerts. 

Atrists attending the Lundakarneval 2018: Silvana Imam, The Hives, Kaliffa, Sabina Ddumba, Den svenska björnstammen, Kamferdrops, Beatrice Eli, Maxida Märak, Billie the visions and the dancers, Panetoz, Louisiana avenue feat Gunhild Carling and Räfven.

Practical Information

  • When: 18th - 20th of May 
  • Where: Lund, Skåne
  • To get there: 
    • Join SASSE for a bus ride to Lund and back. Leaving at 8:00 Friday the 18th of May and arriving back in Stockholm at 00:30 Monday the 21th of May. 
      Simply-link here:
    • Otherwise you can take the train:
  • Tickets:
    • There will be an online ticket release 16th of April. You will be able to get both entrance tickets and tickets for the separate events on the upcoming link - we will keep you updated. 
    • The different events and acitivities cost between 100-210 SEK, the entrance to the night club costs 200 SEK and the entrance to the carneval area costs 70 SEK. More exact info about this is to be expected when the link to the ticket release is released. 


For more information please check out the Lundakarnevalen webpage, facebook pages and the official aftermovie from 2014: