The IT Committee Game Room is Closed

Dear SASSE member,

For the past five years, the IT Committee has provided the SASSE student body with a gaming room at Saltmätargatan 13-17. Unfortunately, over this time period, some of the members frequenting the game room have developed a demeanor and a culture that does no longer fall within the lines of SASSE’s values. This behavior includes maltreatment of the premise, maltreatment of the equipment, poor camaraderie, and a culture that can be perceived as improper, excluding and offensive. During the past years, the IT Committee Boards has been working to change this culture and behavior without success and today there are only a few SASSE members that still enjoy the room.

The IT Committee Board believes that it is crucial that all members of SASSE feel welcome within all of its premises, and the IT Committee room should not be an exception. Thus, the IT Committee board of 2018/2019 has decided to close the gaming room until further notice. The IT Committee board will work to develop new behavioral guidelines and regulations during the spring and reevaluate the concept of a gaming room for the fall term. Thus, all access to the IT Committee premises will be cleared Monday March 5th at 14:00. The IT Committee room will still be available for IT Committee related business and SASSE members can apply for access to the room in a fashion similar to other committee rooms, however, the room will no longer be a gaming room.

To close the gaming room is certainly a bold measure, however, the IT Committee board is confident that it is necessary to improve the IT Committee and SASSE. Unfortunately, the closing of the gaming room will affect SASSE members whom are not responsible nor participate in the demeanor and culture portrayed above. It is not our intention to punish these members and we hope that they understand that the measure is necessary in order to achieve a more including IT Committee.

The IT Committee board of 2018/2019
Monday March 5th, 2018

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact:

Martin Unger
President of the IT Committee 2018/2019
Mobile: (+46)70-399 99 22