Information regarding the SASSE Premises

Dear members of SASSE,

Due to the events last semester regarding the SASSE premises at Saltmätargatan, we will now inform you all about a decision that has been taken by the board in collaboration with the school in regards to the SASSE Premises.

The decision that has been taken is based on a large number of occurrences from this SASSE year, as well as previous years, and is not due to any single incident.

In collaboration with the school, it has been decided that the current BC premises will be given back to the School. In return, a new room, allocated next to the Media Committee will be given the Student Association.

This re-allocation of the BC premises has led the board into a larger investigation of the usage of the premises as a whole. With the purpose of finding a long-term decision, the following has been done:

A survey has been conducted among the members responsible for the SASSE Premises. E.g. Committee President’s, the HD President, the Board of Directors.

Multiple meetings within the board has been held and different alternative solutions has been brought up, which has now been decided upon.

The decision that has been taken includes the premises of the Business Committee, International Committee, SASSE Project Room (Previous Investment Society Room) and the new room at Saltmätargatan. The following is the new structure of the different rooms.

  • The previous SASSE project room will become the new storage room for fairs and projects.
  • The previous left IC room will be the new BC room.
  • The previous right IC room will be the new IC room.
  • The new room at Saltmätargatan will be the new SASSE project room.

As the BC and the IC will hencefourth share the current IC room, a permanent wall will be set up in the middle of the current IC room to separate the room into two different units. This will be conducted during the next SASSE Year.

The restructuring of the different rooms will begin on the 20th of February and be completed by the 1st of March.

If you have any questions, please email me at

We hope all feel good about the decision and believe in a prosperous SASSE! Thank you all that have been involved in the process! 

// Mats Wallén, Vice President 16/17