Important information regarding the SASSE Premises

Dear members of SASSE,

Due to a wide range of factors and incidents that have occurred during previous years as well as this year, we must now inform you all about a decision that has been taken by the school with regards to the Media Committee and IT Committee rooms on Saltmätargatan.  

We would like to highlight the fact that no single incident has caused this situation. The decision that has been taken is based on a large number of occurrences that has forced the school to take action.  

The Student Association will be suspended from using the IT Committee room and the Media Committee room for one month, starting friday the 9th.

This includes all students, even the ITU and Medu boards who are in charge of the premises. This decision has been taken as a result of unauthorized activities that have occurred in both committee rooms throughout the past years. This includes for example; parties that have gone out of hand, non-students visiting the premises, sleeping in the committee rooms, etc. The school has essentially decided to set their foot down regarding students continuously breaking the rules when using the premises at Saltmätargatan.  

The Media Committee and the IT Committee will continue some of its operations from Sveavägen in temporary premises but as to what extent is not yet decided upon. During the suspension, members of both boards as well the Vice President will have discussions with the school and decide upon appropriate measures to be taken after the suspension, to make sure we are allowed to use the premises in the future. These measures will be communicated once they are decided. The important thing is that the premises will be returned to our use in a few weeks time. 

If you have any questions, email 

We hope you all understand that this situation could have been a lot worse for the students at SSE and that we must all together ensure that we respect the rules of the premises in the future. 

// Mats Wallén, Vice President 16/17