Enoka of the month

Enoka of October is here, congratulations to Krista Glödstaf!

Krista has been a key part of our lives during her time at SASSE without most of us actually knowing it. Her engagement as one of SASSE's most appreciated photographers has created so many profile pictures that it's not even worth counting. The most special thing about her is the way she always manages to be there whenever one asks her for help. Whether it's a project needing a group photo for the next day (even the same day) or MedU arranging a photography course, she'll be there and won't ever complain. 

Krista, you've been humble and accepted to stay behind the camera for so long. Now we in the board think that you deserve to be in front of it for once to understand that we appreciate the time and effort you've put into this organization. Thank you for everything, you'll always be one of our gems!


//The SASSE Board