Enok of September

The SASSE Board 16/17 proudly presents Enok of the Month of September, Eric Kalali!
You will find Eric at a round table in the atrium, planning the latest project for the Equality Group or CEMS Club. The SASSE Board proudly presents Eric as October’s Enok for his outstanding work as the Vice President and Treasurer of the CEMS Nordic Forum, as the Head of Equality Forum within the Equality Group and as the Head of Alumni Relations at the CEMS CLUB.
Eric's dedication to equality issues mirrors his thoughtful personality and concern for other’s comfort. Regardless of the matter presented, Eric is always there to lend a helping hand. This synthesizes in the Nordic Forum where Eric served as the contact person for participants and answered ceaseless questions, ensured individual requisites, supported the other team members and simultaneously administered the Forum’s budget. There were many sleepless nights but Eric's mood remained on top. 
We are ever thankful for Eric’s contributions to SASSE and could not be happier to award Eric Enok of the month.