Electable Positions

Here you will find the electable positions SASSE Fall Election.

By applying to a position in the Student Association Board, you must be prepared to take on a lot of responsibility. Firstly, you are applying to be a representative in the highest operational decision making body of the Student Association; the SASSE Board. Secondly, you are applying to be given the responsibility over a certain committee in the Association. The role includes as a result two parts; one part where you are responsible together with the rest of the Board for the decisions that you collectively make. Another part where you have the responsibility for a committee.


Want to learn more about the new structure of the SASSE Elections? 
You will find more information here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jsjoc0grdofqv7p/AAAoaWs-TrnIeNWcA413-95ga?dl=0


Please find the full Post Descriptions below.

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