The Culture Week of 2016 is here!

The time has finally come. 

This years culture week (26/9 - 1/1) will be remembered as the critical moment when high culture coalesced with and became indistinguishable from student culture. For one week the Social Committee will organize events such as opera-visits, lectures and several mind-blowing parties. 

Join us for the most hectic, crazy and pretentious week of the year!

Schedule preview (tickets and event-links will be posted shortly):


SU-Lunch 12.00 (Pub) 50 spots

Start off this year’s Culture Week with our SU-lunch! Skip your lunchbox and enjoy a nice (and cheap!) meal in the pub with us. The SU-lunch is a perfect time to hang out with your friends, relax and get hyped for everything the Culture Week has to offer!

Göte Lejon Presents Göteborgssittningen! 18:00 (Pub) 50 spots
Start off the culture week properly by visiting the saltiest and craziest dinner this side of the west coast. Join one of the local football teams on a table and go forth to victory! Led by our Gothenburg-society. Games, drinks and singing guaranteed!


Poker tournament 18:00 (Pub) 
Show off your gambling skills in this years edition of the Poker tournament. Stakes are high with TWO tickets to the Hwett & Etiquette-dinner on the line. Will you crack under the pressure? Open entrance and no previous experience required. The winner takes all!

Beer Pong Tournament 18:00 (Rotunda)
Make sure everyone knows who is best suited for an American exchange year! Play with teams of two in this tournament that is open for all. Show up, drink up!

Guitar Hero Tournament 18:00 (Rotunda)
Under the guidance of our new Guitar Hero-guru we will embark on a journey to crown the greatest guitar(hero)ist of the school. Winner takes all in this fierce competition with one ticket to Hwetten at stake.

Philosophical Society 19:00 (SU)
Filosofiska föreningen startas upp igen! På första mötet ska vi diskutera den fria viljan, och relaterade frågor som vi lär spåra in på. Det blir i SU-rummet under kulturveckan. Givetvis bjuds det på någon lämplig filosofisk rusgivande dryck.


Art Talk on Art and Digitalisation. 12:00 (Torsten) 
A Lunch Lecture with the artist Bella Rune. What impact has the digitalisation had on art, and what possibilities are there yet to explore? Contemporary artist Bella Rune, currently working on a permanent exhibition in the Board Room at SSE, tells us about how she uses new technologies such as virtual reality to create new ways of experiencing art.

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After school & SU Comedy Club 17:00 (Pub)
Come for a beer, stay for the entertainment! We will host a classic SU After School pub followed by the SU Comedy Club. The pub will be visited by several leading comedians from the Stockholm area performing in our own pub.


Opera: Nixon in China 20:00 (Royal Opera) 30 spots
In cooperation with the Royal Opera and Kultur & Näringsliv students of SSE are now offered free tickets to enjoy Nixon in China, the latest production from the Royal Opera with an exclusive presentation on the opera and the work behind it.


Sprit och sångkväll! (Pub) 19:00 50 spots
Sång-guru & B-provröret presents a joint venture, merging the two most central activities to student culture. In one night we will try and taste several types of liqour and spirits to evaluate their taste, color and most importantly, APK (alcohol per krona). To accompany the drinking we will be singing a selection of swedish snapsvisor and other poorly executed songs.


Hwett & Etiquette 
The crowning jewel of the Culture week.