Couchsurfing goes SSE!

Couchsurfing goes SSE!
Get to know the new SSE students and help them having a good start in Stockholm.
As you all know, the housing situation is not the easiest in Stockholm. Finding an apartment is hard even for Swedish people. But for international students coming to SSE it is even harder, especially in late August/September. Many of them have to live in a hostel/hotel/Airbnb for the first few days or weeks until they find something.
The Sofa Project wants to help these students by connecting them to current SSE students or alumni who can offer their couch (or a mattress or just some space on the floor) for them for free to sleep on for a few days.
But what’s in it for you as a host? Well, heaps of good karma but also the possibility to connect with new students right from the beginning.
How does it work? You sign up as a host if you have a possibility to let a newly arriving student staying at your place. At the same time new students who haven’t found a place will sign up and we will match you with them. In the form you can mention some preferences and we will consider them. It’s not much effort from you, but can mean a lot to a student arriving new in Stockholm. We will update you with information as we go.
Who can I ask for more questions regarding this? Send an email to