Contact and Feedback

We love feedback! 

Do you have some feedback? Or an issue that you think the Student Association Board should deal with?
Or just a thought you think the Board should know about? Please contact us!
Don't forget that you are always very welcome to talk to us in the SASSE reception or if you see anyone
in the Board in the school premises! 
Feedback/general thoughts - president [at] sasse [dot] se 

Student issues/educational questions or feedback - education [at] sasse [dot] se 

Premises issues or questions/new ideas/projects - vicepresident [at] sasse [dot] se 

Student health - socialpres [at] sasse [dot] se 

Company questions/ideas - bcpres [at] sasse [dot] se

Issues with the website - itpres [at] sasse [dot] se 



Address and Organizational Information 

The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics
Box 6501
SE-113 83 Stockholm 

Delivery address
Kungstensgatan 32, 113 57 Stockholm

Corporate Information

Corporate identification number: 802006-2090

BG: 541-2390

Reception Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 11:00-13:00

Email: info [at] sasse [dot] se


Student Association Board Contact Details

Sofia Arnekull
president [at] sasse [dot] se (president@sasse.s)
Caroline Fogelkvist
Vice President
vicepresident [at] sasse [dot] se
Nicklas Kövamees
treasurer [at] sasse [dot] se
Carl Kugelberg
President of the Business Committee
bcpres [at] sasse [dot] se
Sofie Eriksson
President of the Education Committee
edupres [at] sasse [dot] se
Fredrik Agmén
President of the Entertainment Committee
klubbis [at] sasse [dot] se
Jakob Hammarskjöld
President of the IT Committee
itpres [at] sasse [dot] se
Maria Bergsten
President of the International Committee
icpres [at] sasse [dot] se
Asmir Mahmuljin
President of the Media Committee
meduordf [at] sasse [dot] se
Clarence von Rosen
President of the Social Committee
socialpres [at] sasse [dot] se
Gustav Alé Svensson
President of The Sports Committee
sportspres [at] sasse [dot] se