What should SASSE spend its money on? How can we communicate better? What should we do with the premises? We want your opinion!
It is time for this years SASSE Survey!
For us in the SASSE Board, the committees and the projects, your answers and opinions are of highest value to us to plan for the upcoming year.
The survey takes a maximum of 10 minutes! The first part is about SASSE in general, where you later have the possibility to answer questions about one or more committees.
We truly hope you will take this chance to make your voice heard and the association even better!
You can also be in a lottery at the end where three (!) lucky winners win recive tickets to the summer party!
If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact mediapres@sasse.se
SASSE Board 22/23
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The construction week of Students' Nobel NightCap will start at 08.00 on the 1st of December. The following areas will be unavailable the following dates:
  • ​​​​​​​1st of December: Bonnierrummet
  • 1st of December: The Atrium
  • 1st of December: all SASSe premises on Sveavägen 65 (including the pub, rotunda and all committee rooms).
  • 6th of December: The furniture on the 3rd floor outside classroom 336 and 342 
  • 7th of December: The furniture on the 3rd floor outside the Aula and the furniture on the balcony of the Atrium, as well as all the classrooms

SSE will open up classrooms for studying (you find more information about this on the SSE portal). The libarary will also be availiable. 

You will still be able to use the microwaves in the Rotunda during this time. 

​​Please reach out to Cecailia Tran at cecilia.tran@snnc.se if you have any questions.​

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Dear SASSE Members, see the results from the Fall Election 2022 attached below.  #LetsGoDemocrazy 



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This week’s SASSE Rose goes to the Sports Committee board, for enabling SASSE's participation in the World InterUniversities Championships in Barcelona, as well as to the SASSE Sharks teams, for doing a fantastic job representing SASSE.

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Congratulations Maral Batbaatar for being Member of October!


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On the last day of exams for the first period, Der Verein and INTU hosted the annual Oktoberfest! The evening began with the traditional Pre-Oktoberfest banquet and then continued to be a great after-party where students could come and let loose after a hard-fought exam period! Being that the party was right after exams, a lot of the work from DV’s side fell during Tenta P where they had to combine their stress of exams with the workload preparing for this legendary event. With that, the Der Verein Board is extremely worthy of this week's SASSE rose! Thanks DV for the amazing events:)

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Nominate yourself or a friend for Ordinary Council Member and Internal Auditor. Deadline for nominations are this friday 18/11 at 6:00 pm. Link to nominations: https://forms.gle/LhaU5EW6Adb5BFsu5    #LetsGoDemocarzy #FallElection2022 

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Hi SASSE members!  The election promises for the fall election are now here, see the attatched link abow. Who will get your vote? #LetsGoDemocrazy #FallElection2022 




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Only SASSE members are eligible voters in the SASSE elections. Therefore, if you want to vote in the upcoming election you have to pay your SASSE membership fee. The latest day to pay your fee is and vote in the election is 24/11.


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About the Student Association SASSE

The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE) is a non-political, non-religious organization that has about 2000 members. SASSE was founded in 1909 when the Stockholm School of Economics was situated at Brunkebergstorg. Over a century later the Student Association is located at Sveavägen in the heart of Stockholm and has evolved into a vast and dynamic organization where 90% of the students are active to some extent during their time at SSE.