The Stockholm Student Investment Fund (SSIF) had its investment committee meeting last week after two successful pitching events. The investment committee voted to buy shares worth:


25 000 kr in Klövern

25 000 kr in Visa

50 000 kr in S&P

25 000 kr in Nasdaq

25 000 kr in Örsted

50 000 kr in Inwido

25 000 kr in Teqnion


During the voting the investment committee also decided to liquidate the entire positions in SGL Carbon and RTX.

Great job all analysts involved during the pitching events!



SSIF board


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A new recruitment period is here!

Make sure to apply for all of the fantastic positions offered by the different projects!

To read more about all the positions, go to:

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Dear member,

Today, on March 9th, SSE and the Corona Task Force decided to temporarily close down the campus between Thursday morning March 11th and Sunday, March 21st. Therefore, the SASSE premises will be temporarily closed on these dates as well. 

The exam period is getting closer and we are aware that a lot of you prefer studying on campus. Both the SASSE Board and the SSE management want nothing else than for the school to be open. However, due to the current spread of Covid-19, this is not an option at the moment.

If you feel that your mental health is being negatively affected, you are in need of support or if you would like to talk to someone: please do not hesitate to reach out to the SASSE Health Group ( For now, it is a SASSE recommendation to use Mindler if you feel the need to talk to a professional.

For further questions, please contact us in the SASSE Board at If you want to ask questions anonymously: 


Virtual hugs<3

//The SASSE Board

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Best members!

As we’re writing this (Friday, March 5, 2021) there are 7 confirmed Covid-19 cases amongst SSE students. Both the SASSE Board and the Corona Task Force believe that chances are there are more cases that have not yet been reported.

Last night, the SASSE Board had a meeting to decide what measures we will take. What follows are the decisions we made for the upcoming weeks, which will be revised after March 24 when the exam period ends.


The SASSE premises

The SASSE premises shall remain open for studies

However, it is very important that you never sit more than 4 people per table and that you maintain social distance between different social groups. Remember to wash your hands frequently and stay at home if you have the slightest of symptoms. Note that the premises continue to close at 20:00. If these restrictions are not followed we will have to close down the premises.


Social activities

No social activities will be organized at the SASSE premises until after the exam period (ends March 24). This decision will then be revised given the circumstances. This means no tentafika will be hosted at the premises this period</3


Social activities outdoors and at external locations in small groups (no more than 8 people) will still be allowed as long as the recommendations from the public health authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten, FHM) can be followed and social distance maintained.


Weekly sports practices

As our weekly sports practices are extremely important for our members’ physical and mental health, these will continue to be up and running (pun intended) as long as they follow the recommendations from the FHM.


Leaders within SASSE

Leaders within SASSE (project leaders or committee presidents) are encouraged to have a virtual meeting with their team members to discuss whether they want to have meetings in person or digitally the coming weeks. If they are held in person it is extremely important that recommendations are followed and social distance maintained. Digital participation should always be an option.


Upcoming recruitment

The interviews for the upcoming recruitment (22-27th of March) will be conducted digitally.


The SASSE Reception

The SASSE Reception will be manned by those from the SASSE Board (new and old) who have tested negative and/or have antibodies.


Off on vacation during week 9?

If you are (or have been) on vacation during this week, we ask you to stay away from campus the upcoming week. The local health authorities in Stockholm project that of those who will be on vacation, many are likely to meet and interact with people outside of their household or group of ordinary contacts. To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, high schools and middle schools will therefore go online during week 10. Based on these recommendations, SSE recommends students and employees who will be on vacation this week to stay away from campus during week 10. Exceptions can be made for business-critical assignments. If you are uncertain, please talk to your project/committee leader or one from the SASSE Board. 


Q/A from Instagram poll:

Is it the situation in Stockholm or SSE specifically that is worrying?

  • The situation in Stockholm overall.


How do you reason when boards in SASSE meet in real life now? Is it something you allow for?

  • At the SASSE premises, our restrictions and guidelines shall be followed. If at an external location, it’s up to the individuals that social distance is maintained.


Will we get some big in-person event before the end of the semester?

  • If the situation allows for it!<3


Is there any decision regarding autumn 2021 yet?

  • SSE makes decisions for one study period at a time. We hope to go back to a hybrid solution as soon as restrictions allow.


Any indication on when vaccines in Sweden will be available to students?

  • Too early to say, it’s a decision that will be made by Region Stockholm.


We in the SASSE Board are always here if you need to talk. Thank you for being both patient and responsible in these challenging times.


Lots of (virtual) hugs,


The SASSE Board 21/22

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Svenska Mästerskapen i Ekonomi 2021 närmar sig med stormsteg och årets digitala deltävling för SASSE går av stapeln den 17:e mars kl. 09.00-12.00!


Lag om tre kommer via zoom göra en skriftlig grupptentamen under tre timmar enligt årets tema “Challenge Your Potential”, med följande fördelning av frågorna:


  • 50% Företagsekonomi

  • 25% Nationalekonomi

  • 25% Allmän ekonomi


Varje lag ska innehålla tre studenter som maximalt får ha tagit 210 HP oavsett ämne. 


Anmälan görs via länken till google formuläret,, senast kl. 23:59 den 11/3. Vinnarna av deltävlingen går vidare till semifinalen som även den består av en grupptentamen och får äran att representera Handelshögskolan i Stockholm. De fyra lagen med bäst resultat går vidare till finalen i maj som sker muntligt där vinnaren av SM i Ekonomi koras och en prispott på 65 000 sek ska delas ut. Den 19/3 kommer en After Work mellan 16.00-17.30 att hållas där vinnarna annonseras; alla lärosäten och tävlande är inbjuda! Mer information om detta kommer inom kort på den officiella hemsidan,

Om du har några frågor är du välkommen att kontakta eller tävlingsansvarig för eventet 

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Congratulations Cornelia Gunnarsson Rathsman on being Member of February!

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The last SASSE rose for the SASSE year of 20/21 goes to Handelsdagarna! They have been one of the projects who have been most largely affected by the pandemic, and managed to think out of the box in order to create a week full of events and lectures, truly keeping the spirit of HD alive also this year! We only got to see one version of HD, but this team actually planned for several different scenarios for months, and doing so with such high engagement. Thank you for all your efforts in keep giving the members of SASSE opportunities to interact with companies even though we are in the mist of a pandemic!

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As traditionally done, we will also this year give out a prize to a few students that have given that little bit of extra to their classmates and fellow SASSE members. This time, it will be done in combination with the Anniversary feast February 28th. But we need your help. We NEED YOU to nominate the ones you feel should win the prizes!

The prizes that will be rewarded:

- This years Småtte and Småtta (BCs)

- This years Jonior and Jonioress (MCs)

- Parent/Buddy gorup of the year

- Best initiative

- Best SASSE Spirit

- Long and faithful service


Nominate through the following link:

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It is once again time to hand in all the recipts. If you have bought anything for a SASSE project and have saved the recipt, it is time to hand it in. If a recipt is handed in after the deadline, you will not get you money back for that recipt. 

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